Chapter 16.05


16.05.010    Title.

16.05.020    Purpose and scope.

16.05.010 Title.

These regulations shall be known as the “Dangerous Buildings Ordinance,” may be cited as such, and will be referred to herein as “this code.” [Ord. No. 1550, §1, 3-15-10. Code 1974 §75.10.010.]

16.05.020 Purpose and scope.

(a)    Purpose. It is the purpose of this code to provide a just, equitable and practicable method, to be cumulative with and in addition to any other remedy provided by the State of Alaska Building Code, Fire Code or otherwise available by law, whereby buildings or structures which endanger the life, health, property, or safety of the general public or their occupants may be required to be repaired, vacated or demolished.

The purpose of this code is not to create or otherwise establish or designate any particular class or group of persons who will or should be especially protected or benefited by the terms of this code.

(b)    Scope. The provisions of this code shall apply to all dangerous buildings, as herein defined, which are now in existence or which may hereafter become dangerous in this jurisdiction. [Ord. No. 1550, §1, 3-15-10. Code 1974 §75.10.020.]