Chapter 16.20


16.20.010    General.

16.20.020    Repair and demolition fund.

16.20.010 General.

(a)    Procedure. When any work of repair or demolition is to be done pursuant to KGBC 16.45.010(c)(3), the director of public works shall issue an order and the work shall be accomplished by personnel of this jurisdiction or by private contract under the direction of said director. Plans and specifications therefor may be prepared by said director, or the director may employ such architectural and engineering assistance on a contract basis as deemed reasonably necessary. If any part of the work is to be accomplished by private contract, standard public works contractual procedures shall be followed.

(b)    Costs. The cost of such work shall be paid from the repair and demolition fund, and may be made a special assessment against the property involved, or may be made a personal obligation of the property owner, whichever the borough assembly shall determine is appropriate. [Ord. No. 1550, §1, 3-15-10. Code 1974 §75.80.010.]

16.20.020 Repair and demolition fund.

(a)    General. The borough assembly shall establish a special revolving fund to be designated as the repair and demolition fund. Payments shall be made out of said fund upon the demand of the borough assembly to defray the costs and expenses which may be incurred by this jurisdiction in doing or causing to be done the necessary work of repair or demolition of dangerous buildings.

(b)    Maintenance of Fund. The borough assembly may at any time transfer to the repair and demolition fund, out of any money in the general fund, such sums as it may deem necessary in order to expedite the performance of the work of repair and demolition, and any sum so transferred shall be deemed a loan to the repair and demolition fund and shall be repaid out of the proceeds of the collections hereinafter provided for. All funds collected under the proceedings hereinafter provided for shall be paid to the finance department which shall credit the same to the repair and demolition fund. [Ord. No. 1550, §1, 3-15-10. Code 1974 §75.80.020.]