Chapter 17.30


17.30.010    Intent and authorization.

17.30.020    Eligible plats.

17.30.030    Procedures.

17.30.040    Action on plat.

17.30.010 Intent and authorization.

It is the intent of KGBC 17.30.010 through 17.30.040 to expedite the platting process for alteration of property lines and minor subdivisions of land so that minor projects can be handled administratively within the department of planning and community development. The plats described in KGBC 17.30.020 are subject to approval under the procedure in KGBC 17.30.030 through 17.30.040 and the applicable portions procedures in Chapters 17.15 and 17.20 KGBC. [Ord. No. 1785, §1, 2-1-16.]

17.30.020 Eligible plats.

Eligible plats are as follows:

(a)    Plat Alterations. Eligible plat alterations require a movement or elimination of lot lines which do not:

(1)    Create a net increase in the number of lots.

(2)    Create a substandard lot.

(3)    Create nonconforming existing structures in relation to minimum setbacks, lot coverage, and other requirements listed under KGBC Title 18.

(4)    Deny adequate vehicle and utility access to and from any lots or tracts affected by the alteration or adjacent to it.

(b)    Abbreviated Plats. Eligible plats are simple subdivisions involving creation of no more than four lots, with each lot having legal and physical access to a public highway or street; provided, that the subdivision does not:

(1)    Create nonconforming existing structures in relation to minimum setbacks, lot coverage and other requirements listed under KGBC Title 18;

(2)    Require the installation of utility improvements or an agreement to construct and install improvements (see KGBC 17.35.020);

(3)    Alter a dedicated street or other right-of-way or require additional dedication;

(4)    Deviate from the easement and lot design standards outlined in KGBC 17.25.030 and 17.25.040 or require a subdivision variance outlined in KGBC 17.10.040; and

(5)    Require an amendment of zone boundaries on the official zoning map.

(c)    Lot Consolidations. Eligible lot consolidations are the elimination of lot lines between two or more adjoining lots that:

(1)    Were created by a single platted subdivision approved by the platting authority.

(2)    Were not subsequently altered by another plat, or by a right-of-way survey or court order.

(3)    Do not create a substandard lot.

(4)    Do not deny adequate vehicle and utility access to and from any lots or tracts adjacent to it.

(5)    Do not dedicate or vacate easements.

(6)    Are within the same zoning district.

(7)    Are under common ownership. [Ord. No. 1951, §4, 8-2-21; Ord. No. 1824, §3, 3-20-17; Ord. No. 1785, §1, 2-1-16.]

17.30.030 Procedures.

(a)    In a time period of not less than 15 days from the publication and notice of the proposed action, the planning director may grant final approval of the plat and any conditions thereto. The planning director has the option of forwarding the plat to the next scheduled planning commission meeting if it is found that the proposed plat is sufficiently complex or if any comments or objections are not satisfactorily resolved within seven days of the deadline for comments.

(b)    Once a plat has been approved and the appeal period has passed, a Mylar plat must be submitted for administrative signatures subject to consistency with the approved plat within 60 days. Failure to comply with this section shall render the plat null and void. [Ord. No. 1785, §1, 2-1-16.]

17.30.040 Action on plat.

(a)    Platting Authority. The planning director, or their designee, shall act as the administrative platting authority.

(b)    Variances. The platting authority under Chapter 17.20 KGBC may not grant variances from the provisions of Chapter 17.10 KGBC. All exceptions to the provisions of the subdivision ordinance shall be brought before the planning commission and approved subject to the requirements of KGBC 17.10.040.

(c)    Appeals. Decisions of the platting authority made under Chapter 17.30 KGBC are final unless appealed within 15 days in writing to the planning commission serving as the platting authority. An appeal shall be treated as an original application for preliminary plat approval under Chapter 17.35 KGBC. [Ord. No. 1785, §1, 2-1-16.]