2.80.010    Borrowed materials


(A)    A person who borrows material from a library operated by the borough shall return the material by the date due.

(B)    A person who borrows materials from a library operated by the borough shall return overdue materials within 30 days of the date notice that the materials are overdue is mailed. Notice is sufficient if mailed to the last address provided to the library by the borrower.

(C)    A person who fails to return borrowed materials as required by subsection (B) of this section shall be liable to the borough for:

(1)    the actual or estimated cost of replacing the materials; or

(2)    if a replacement is not available, the greater of the cost of similar material or the actual value taking into account historical and collector value, market demand and other factors that would establish value; and

(3)    a charge of $5 for each item as partial compensation for administrative costs associated with the non-return, replacement or valuation of the materials.

(D)    A person who borrows materials that are damaged while on loan shall pay upon demand the amount determined by the borough to be needed to repair the damage or replace the material if damaged beyond repair.

(E)    The library privileges of a person who fails to meet the requirements of this section shall be suspended until the materials are returned or the person’s liability under this section has been voluntarily discharged before a civil judgment to recover the amount due is entered.

(F)    The manager may establish fines for failure to return borrowed material when due. The manager may establish periods at one or more libraries when overdue materials may be returned without the payment of fines.

(Ord. 94-001AM, § 3 (part), 1994; Ord. 87-45, § 2, 1987)