4.47.010    Establishment and purpose

4.47.020    Composition

4.47.030    Functions and duties

4.47.040    Organization and meetings

4.47.050    Compensation


(A)    The parks, recreation, and trails advisory board is established pursuant to MSB 1.10.120 for the purpose of providing advice to the assembly, planning commission, and the administration on parks, recreation, and trails dedications, acquisitions, use and management.

(B)    All matters pertaining to the board, unless otherwise specified in this section, shall be governed by MSB 4.05.

(Ord. 05-149(AM), § 2 (part), 2005)


(A)    The board shall consist of 11 members as follows:

(1)    one member from each of the borough’s seven election districts; and

(2)    four at-large members from the general public who have demonstrated an interest or general knowledge of park, recreation, and trails issues within the borough.

(B)    A board member may serve for two consecutive terms.

(Ord. 05-149(AM), § 2 (part), 2005)


(A)    The parks, recreation, and trails advisory board shall have the following powers and duties:

(1)    act in an advisory capacity to the assembly and administration regarding implementation, establishment, development, enforcement, and maintenance of parks, the creation and preservation of recreational facilities and opportunities and identifying historic public interest trails and developing a recreational trails inventory in the borough;

(2)    receive, consider, and evaluate recommendations from individuals and groups regarding parks, recreation, and trails programs and facilities and refer these to the administration and assembly as appropriate;

(3)    review, update and make recommendations to the planning commission and the assembly on the parks, recreation and open space and the recreational trails elements of the borough’s comprehensive plan;

(4)    review and make recommendations to the assembly and administration regarding the long-range parks, recreation, and trails capital improvement program and the expenditures of infrastructure funds from the transient accommodation bed tax;

(5)    make recommendations to the assembly on the borough’s annual operating budget for park, recreation and trails related issues; and

(6)    recommend to the assembly and administration such rules, procedures, and regulations for adoption by ordinance that the board believes are necessary for the safety, general welfare, and financial necessity pertaining to the use of and the activities within the borough parks and recreation facilities, and on borough trails.

(B)    All formal actions and recommendations of the board shall be by resolution and transmitted to the assembly, planning commission, or administration, as appropriate.

(C)    The board shall be assisted by the community development department staff who shall assist the board with its work.

(Ord. 05-149(AM), § 2 (part), 2005)


(A)    Six members shall constitute a quorum and a vote of six is necessary for the board to take action.

(B)    The board shall establish regular meetings and may hold additional meetings as are called by its chairperson, one-third of its members, or the mayor.

(C)    The board shall hold an organizational meeting each year and elect a chairperson and vice-chairperson. Minutes may be taken by borough staff but shall be reviewed and approved by the board before forwarding to the clerk for preservation.

(Ord. 05-149(AM), § 2 (part), 2005)


(A)    Board members shall be reimbursed for mileage incurred in connection with meetings of the board in the same manner as borough employees are compensated for mileage expenses upon presentation of supporting documentation satisfactory to the appropriate director.

(Ord. 05-149(AM), § 2 (part), 2005)