15.04.005    Definitions

15.04.010    Established

15.04.015    Functions

15.04.016    Hearing requirements

15.04.020    Exceptions to functions

15.04.025    Naming geographic features

15.04.005 DEFINITIONS.

(A)    For the purpose of this title, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.

(1)    “Commission” means the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Planning Commission.

(Ord. 94-071 (sub1), § 4 (part), 1994)

15.04.010 ESTABLISHED.

(A)    The planning commission is established to perform the areawide functions of planning under AS 29.40.030 and 29.40.040 except as otherwise provided in this title.

(B)    The commission’s recommendations shall be transmitted to the assembly.

(Ord. 23-089, § 2, 2023; Ord. 94-071 (sub1), § 4 (part), 1994; Ord. 73-5, § 3 (part), 1973)

15.04.015 FUNCTIONS.

(A)    The commission shall:

(1)    prepare and recommend to the assembly a comprehensive plan, a zoning ordinance to implement the plan, a subdivision ordinance and official map of the borough, and modifications to these documents. The commission shall publish notice and hold at least one public hearing before submitting its recommendations on the plans, ordinances, and maps to the assembly;

(2)    investigate and report on the location and design of any public facility, including, but not limited, to public buildings, docks, beaches, ski ground, statue, memorial, park, parkway, boulevard, road, trail, playground, public street, alley or grade of a facility before final action is taken by the borough or any department, office, or agency;

(3)    investigate and prepare, under the directions and conditions as the assembly may from time to time request, the commission’s recommendations on a capital improvement program, and review the program periodically and revise it from time to time, but not less frequently than annually. The annual capital improvement program shall constitute permanent records of the commission, which shall be public records;

(4)    investigate and recommend to the assembly for adoption by ordinance, with the amendments as the commission believes necessary and proper because of local conditions, the published codes of technical regulations as relate to the functions planning, platting, and zoning;

(5)    investigate and prepare, from time to time, and initiate on its own motion in the absence of directions from the assembly, reports of the availability of public lands by selection, transfer at less than appraised value, and otherwise for borough purposes;

(6)    investigate and prepare reports on the location and establishment of outdoor public recreation and public campgrounds;

(7)    review all requests for enactment or amendment to planning, platting, and land use regulations, including, but not limited to, comprehensive plans, special land use districts, zoning, and conditional use requirements. At a minimum, this shall include all amendments to MSB Titles 8, 11, 15, 17, 28, and 43; and

(8)    adjudicate requests for conditional use permits as provided for in Borough Code.

(Ord. 23-089, § 3, 2023; Ord. 09-025(AM), § 4, 2009; Ord. 94-071 (sub1), § 4 (part), 1994)


Prior to recommending to the assembly ordinances adopting or amending regulations, restrictions and boundaries of districts, the commission shall conduct at least one public hearing, preceded by 15 calendar days’ notice of the time and place of the hearing and the scope of subject matter to be heard, published in a newspaper of general circulation in the borough.

(Ord. 94-071 (sub1), § 4 (part), 1994)


The planning commission will not perform those functions related to the powers which the Matanuska-Susitna Borough has delegated to the cities under MSB 17.15, 17.42, and 17.45.

(Ord. 23-089, § 4, 2023; Ord. 94-071 (sub1), § 4 (part), 1994; Ord. 92-080AM, § 2, 1992; Ord. 92-079, § 2, 1992; Ord. 81-151, § 5(b), 1982; Ord. 73-5, § 3 (part), 1973)


(A)    The Alaska State Geographic Board is recognized as the sole authority for determining the correct name, and upon the approval of the affected local government, for changing the name of lakes, streams, and other geographic features within the borough.

(B)    The following procedures shall be followed in commenting on applications to the Alaska State Geographic Board to name or change the name of geographic features within the borough, but outside of an incorporated city within the borough:

(1)    Standards for evaluating proposed name include:

(a)    general appropriateness;

(b)    the name of a geographic feature shall not duplicate in spelling or pronunciation the name of any other similar feature within the borough, unless that feature be directly related to it. A diligent search of official records shall be made to determine if such duplication would take place were a proposed new name or name change occur;

(c)    testimony or comment from public hearings held on the subject in accordance with this section shall be considered.

(2)    the planning commission shall hold a public hearing concerning the proposed name. The hearing shall be preceded by notice as follows:

(a)    advertisement in a newspaper of local circulation at least 15 calendar days prior to the date of the public hearing;

(b)    the posting of notice in a conspicuous place open to the general public in the vicinity of the feature affected. The notice shall be given at least 15 calendar days prior to the date of the public hearing.

(3)    following the public hearing, the planning commission, acting for the assembly, shall by resolution state the position of the borough with regard to public testimony and the standards set forth in this section.

(4)    a copy of the planning commission’s resolution shall be submitted to the Alaska State Geographic Board as the borough’s comment concerning proposed geographic names or name changes.

(C)    Applications to or notices from the Alaska State Geographic Board concerning the naming or change of name of any geographic feature within the corporate limits of an incorporated city within the borough shall immediately be referred to the affected city for disposition.

(Ord. 23-089, § 5, 2023; Ord. 94-071 (sub1), § 4 (part), 1994)