18.03.010    Establishment of powers

18.03.020    Delegation of authority [Repealed]

18.03.030    Duties

18.03.040    Compensation


The port commission is established pursuant to MSB 1.10.125 to provide advice to the assembly and manager on harbors, wharves, docks, elevators, storage yards and other related marine facilities.

(Ord. 90-42, § 5, 1990; Ord. 88-222 (part), 1988)

18.03.020 DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY. [Repealed by Ord. 90-042, § 6, 1990]

18.03.030 DUTIES.

(A)    The port commission shall advise the assembly and the manager on port development matters.

(B)    The port commission may:

(1)    submit an annual budget to the manager to be considered for inclusion in the manager’s budget request to the assembly;

(2)    prepare a strategic port development plan which shall include a marketing, management, financial and facility development strategy for approval by the assembly. The port development plan shall identify port commission goals, objectives and an anticipated course of action to attain those goals. The plan shall be updated annually and be submitted with the annual budget;

(3)    submit a quarterly report to the assembly which includes a status report on progress towards goals identified in the strategic development plan;

(4)    recommend to the assembly for approval of leases of port district land for beneficial industrial or commercial enterprises pursuant to MSB Title 13;

(5)    encourage participation of private industry in port development and port-related projects;

(6)    recommend to the assembly the establishment of tariffs, rental and ground lease rates consistent with the goal of providing equity among users and in accordance with MSB Title 23, except as provided in MSB 18.02.010;

(7)    prepare a master plan for the port district which shall be reviewed and recommended by the planning commission to the assembly for approval;

(8)    assist the borough, other jurisdictions and private industry to plan and promote the development of infrastructure necessary to transport commodities through a Point MacKenzie Port.

(Ord. 94-119, § 2 (part), 1994; Ord. 90-42, § 7, 1990; Ord. 88-222 (part), 1988)


Commission members shall be reimbursed for mileage incurred in connection with meetings of the board in the same manner as borough employees are compensated for mileage expenses upon presentation of supporting documentation satisfactory to the appropriate director.

(Ord. 00-085 § 2, 2000)