25.26.010    Early voting; in person.


(A)    Early voting in person before an election official, including the clerk, shall not begin prior to 15 calendar days before a regular election or special election and can run up to and including the day before the election. The clerk shall determine the process for early voting to ensure the integrity of the election. The early voter shall appear before an election official and provide their name, residence address, and a voter identifier such as a voter number, social security number, or date of birth. The election official shall verify that the voter’s residence address appears on the official registration list and is qualified to vote per MSB 25.10.005 and then require the voter to sign the early voting register. The signing of the register shall constitute a declaration that the voter is qualified to vote. When the voter has qualified to vote, an election official shall give the voter an official ballot and the voter shall mark the ballot in private. After the voter has marked the ballot, the voter shall place the ballot in the secrecy sleeve until depositing the ballot in the ballot box. The tabulation of early voting ballots shall not begin before 8 p.m. on election day and shall be tabulated in accordance with MSB 25.35.081.

(B)    Prior to the election, the clerk shall mark the precinct registers of those voters who voted early or give to the election board in each precinct a list of voters from the precinct who have voted early. If the voter who voted an early ballot returns to the voter’s precinct on election day, the voter may not vote a regular ballot but may vote a questioned ballot.

(Ord. 19-045, § 12, 2019; Ord. 16-064, § 10, 2016: Ord. 03-074(AM), § 9, 2003)