28.100.005    General provisions

28.100.010    Definitions.


(A)    The definitions listed in this section shall apply to the words and phrases used in this title unless otherwise described within the individual chapters.

(1)    Words used in the present tense shall include the future.

(2)    Words in the singular number shall include the plural number and the plural number shall include the singular.

(3)    The word “shall” is mandatory.

(4)    The words “include,” “including,” and “includes” shall be interpreted as being followed by the phrase “but not limited to.”

(B)    In instances where a word is not included in this section, reference will be made first to the most recent publication of “The Illustrated Book of Development Definitions” then to the most recent edition of “Black’s Law Dictionary,” then to “Webster’s New Universal, Unabridged Dictionary.”

(Ord. 06-222(AM), § 2 (part), 2006)

28.100.010 DEFINITIONS.

•    “Adjacent” means properties sharing a common property boundary.

•    “Best management practices (BMPs)” is state-of-the-art technology defining actions necessary to meet resource management goals and objectives or a public health, safety, or welfare need including a schedule of activities, prohibited practices, and maintenance procedures.

•    “Borough” means the Matanuska-Susitna Borough and may also mean the borough manager or department director.

•    “Cargo-carrying vehicle” means a truck, trailer, semi-trailer, or other vehicle that is Federal Highway Administration gross vehicle weight class 7 or greater carrying harvested timber from the timber area.

•    “Commercial” means intended for a use that generates a profit.

•    “dBA” means a unit of sound pressure level measuring the amplitude of sound.

•    “Detailed Plan of Operations (DPO)” means the operations plan as specified in 11 AAC 95.220 that is required by the Alaska Forest Resources and Practices Act before beginning any operations on forest land.

•    “Director” means the director of planning and land use unless otherwise specifically stated.

•    “Forest Resources and Practices Act” means Chapter 17 (AS 41) of the Alaska State Statutes to include any implementing regulations (11 AAC 95).

•    “Gross vehicle weight” means the total weight of a vehicle or a combination of vehicles, including load.

•    Highway. See definition for “road.”

•    “Improvements” are dwellings or businesses that are shown on Matanuska-Susitna Borough tax records.

•    “Land” means all real property or any portion thereof, including shore land, tide land, submerged land, or resources which are part of the land.

•    “Manager” means the manager of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.

•    “Multiple use” means the management of all the various renewable surface resources on borough land so that they are utilized in a combination which will best meet the needs of borough residents and on state land so that they are utilized in a combination that will best meet the present and future needs of the people of Alaska. For both borough and state land periodic adjustments in use to conform to changing needs and conditions may be made. Some land will be used for less than all of the resources, without impairment of the productivity of the land, and with consideration being given to the relative values of the various resources.

•    “Natural resource” means any material in its native state which, when utilized, has economic value. Examples include forested land, fresh water, soil, gravel, mineral deposits, and peat.

•    “Operations area” means that area where natural resource utilization activities are taking place. Operations include activities such as timber harvest, earth materials or mineral extraction, mobilization, demobilization, staging, or loading.

•    “Overall length” means the total length of a vehicle or a combination of vehicles.

•    “Person” means an individual(s), institution(s), land owner(s) or legal entity(ies) that is permitted by legal ownership, lease, permit, contract, or other written device to utilize a natural resource.

•    “Private land” is land owned by any person or legal entity to include land owned by the University of Alaska or the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, unless otherwise deferred in state law.

•    “Public land” means any land owned by the state of Alaska or the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.

•    “Road” means any road or highway accepted and maintained by the borough or state for public use. This includes any borough subdivision, collector, or arterial road; and any state, local, minor or major collector, minor or major arterial road or highway.

•    “Timber” means a tree, log, pole, bolt, cant, chips, or other wood product.

•    “Timber transportation permit” means a permit issued under MSB 28.60 for the transportation of timber harvest products from the harvest area.

•    “Trail” means any trail that is listed in the Matanuska-Susitna Recreational Trails Plan; within a local comprehensive plan; or surveyed, platted, or dedicated for public use.

•    “Utilization” means the exploration, development, nonconsumptive use, extraction, or harvest of a natural resource.

•    “Vehicle” means a wheeled device capable of transporting persons or property on a road or highway.

(Ord. 18-093, § 3, 2019; Ord. 06-222(AM), § 2 (part), 2006)