Chapter 3.01


3.01.010    Definitions.

3.01.010 Definitions.

In this title, unless the context requires otherwise:

“Borough election” means any election to fill a Borough office; upon a proposition submitted to the voters under the ordinances of the Borough; or that the Borough Clerk is required by law to administer;

“Candidate” means a person who files for election or who campaigns as a write-in candidate for Mayor or City Council;

“City office” means an elective office under the ordinances of the City of North Pole;

“Clerk” means the Clerk of the City Council;

“Election” means a regular or special City election and does not include a Borough or State election;

“Election officials” means the Clerk and members of all election, canvass and recount boards;

“Immediate family” of a person means the spouse, brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, or anyone who lives in that person’s household;

“Lot” means a flip of a coin;

“Oath” includes affirmation;

“Over vote” means nonqualified vote;

“Precinct” means the territory within which resident voters may cast votes at one polling place;

“Proposition” means an initiative, referendum, or Charter amendment submitted at an election to the public for vote;

“Qualified voter” means a person who meets the requirements of NPMC 3.04.010;

“Signature” includes a mark intended as a signature;

“Sworn” includes affirmed;

“Total votes cast” means the total number of votes cast in each seat for candidates whose names are printed on the ballot. Ballots counted as blank votes or as over votes in a particular race shall not be added into the total votes in determining the percentage of votes cast;

“Voter” means a person who presents oneself for the purpose of registering to vote or voting either in person or by absentee ballot. (Ord. 05-09 § 2, 2005)