Chapter 12.20


12.20.010    Development agreement.

12.20.020    Application required.

12.20.030    Bond requirements.

12.20.040    Miscellaneous provisions.

12.20.010 Development agreement.

Developers desiring to install, extend or connect street and drainage systems to the City’s systems shall first execute an agreement with the City. (Ord. 87-6 § 2, 1987)

12.20.020 Application required.

Application for an agreement shall be made to the Mayor and shall include a copy of the preliminary plat, a tentative schedule of all proposed construction of public improvements, and a copy of the findings of the local platting board. The developer shall agree to design, construct and install systems in compliance with all applicable Federal, State and local regulations and shall pay all associated costs including costs for design, construction, administration and connection. (Ord. 87-6 § 2, 1987)

12.20.030 Bond requirements.

The developer shall furnish the City a bond in a form acceptable to the City and in the amount of the estimated total cost of the public improvements, as established by the City, guaranteeing satisfactory completion of the public improvements. The performance guarantee will be released upon final acceptance of the improvement and the posting of adequate security for warranty. (Ord. 87-6 § 2, 1987)

12.20.040 Miscellaneous provisions.

The agreement shall also include a description of improvements, a completion schedule and schedule for payments and provisions for transfer of ownership, operation, and maintenance; rights-of-way, permits and agency approvals; submission and approval of engineering reports, plans and specifications prior to commencing construction; notice to proceed; inspection; approved as-built drawings and their acceptance. (Ord. 87-6 § 2, 1987)