Chapter 2.09


2.09.005    Definition.

2.09.010    Creation of special committees.

2.09.015    Committee members and committee chair.

2.09.020    Quorum.

2.09.025    Committee meetings.

2.09.030    Committee meeting action.

2.09.005 Definition.

A special committee as defined in Robert’s Rules of Order is “a committee appointed, as the need arises, to carry out a specified task, at the completion of which, it automatically ceases to exist.” Special committees appointed by the city council shall have:

A. Limited duration. All special committees expire after six months or at the completion of their work, whichever comes earlier; and

B. Special purpose, as provided by the council. (Ord. 08-020 § 3, 2008)

2.09.010 Creation of special committees.

Special committees shall be created by a resolution of the city council. The resolution shall contain:

A. The purpose of the committee;

B. The duration of committee;

C. Number of committee members;

D. The names of the committee members;

E. Committee procedures;

F. Other items required by the council. (Ord. 08-020 § 3, 2008)

2.09.015 Committee members and committee chair.

A. Nomination of committee members:

1. Committee members may be selected by the council; or

2. The city manager may recommend names to be approved by the council.

B. Selection of committee chair and vice chair:

1. The council may designate the committee chair and vice chair in the resolution establishing the committee.

2. When a chair and vice chair have not been selected by the council, the committee, at its first meeting, shall select and appoint from its members a chair and vice chair to preside over the meetings. (Ord. 08-020 § 3, 2008)

2.09.020 Quorum.

The quorum of a committee is the majority of its total membership. A quorum is required to conduct all meetings. (Ord. 08-020 § 3, 2008)

2.09.025 Committee meetings.

A. The resolution establishing the committee shall state the frequency of regular meetings and provide for special meetings.

B. All meetings are open to the public and the agenda shall be advertised and posted at least five days prior to the meeting. All public notices must include the date, time and place of a meeting.

C. Minutes of the meetings shall be kept and a copy submitted to the city clerk. (Ord. 08-020 § 3, 2008)

2.09.030 Committee meeting action.

A. All action must take place by proper motion recorded in the minutes or by an official committee resolution.

B. Documents submitted to the committee must be contained in the official meeting packet. (Ord. 08-020 § 3, 2008)