Chapter 2.10


2.10.010    Power.

2.10.020    Appointment.

2.10.030    Duties.

2.10.010 Power.

The administrative power of the city is vested in the manager. (Ord. 648 § 8, 2005)

2.10.020 Appointment.

The manager shall be appointed by the council and serve at its pleasure. The manager shall be chosen solely based on executive and administrative qualifications, shall receive the compensation set by the council, and shall be subject to regulations as provided for city employees. The city manager shall be a resident of the city during tenure in office. An elected official may not be appointed manager sooner than one year after leaving office, except as provided by statute. (Ord. 648 § 8, 2005)

2.10.030 Duties.

The manager is the chief administrative officer of the city. The manager is responsible for the proper administration of all city affairs placed in the manager’s charge by law and ordinance and shall implement the policy of the city as established by the council. The manager shall:

A. Supervise and coordinate the work of the administrative officers and departments of the city, except those of the city attorney and the city clerk, and shall act as coordinator between these officers and the other administrative officers;

B. Prepare and submit to the council on or before October 15th of each year an annual budget for council consideration and execute the budget as adopted;

C. Enforce the code and other acts of the council and administer all city contracts;

D. Employ or be responsible for the employment of all city employees and shall supervise and coordinate the personnel policies and practices of the city;

E. Exercise custody over all real and personal property of the municipality; and

F. Perform other duties required by law or the council. (Ord. 07-010 § 3, 2007; Ord. 648 § 8, 2005)