Chapter 2.11


2.11.010    Appointment.

2.11.020    Duties.

2.11.030    Deputy city clerk.

2.11.010 Appointment.

The clerk shall be appointed by the council and serve at its pleasure. The clerk shall be chosen solely based on executive and administrative qualifications, shall receive the compensation set by the council, and shall be subject to regulations as provided for city employees. (Ord. 648 § 9, 2005)

2.11.020 Duties.

The clerk shall:

A. Attend regular, special and emergency meetings of the council and keep a record of its proceedings;

B. Record and certify all actions of the council;

C. Administer all oaths required by law;

D. Have custody of the city seal and the official records of the city;

E. Assure ample notice of the expiration or termination of any term of office to the proper officials and, when necessary, the conditions or requirements of all bonds, franchises, contracts or agreements;

F. Administer all municipal elections;

G. Attest deeds and other documents;

H. Manage municipal records and develop retention schedules and procedures for inventory, storage and destruction of records as necessary;

I. Maintain and make available for public inspection an indexed file of all permanent city records, including the city ordinances, resolutions, rules, regulations and codes, provide for codification of ordinances, and authenticate or certify records as necessary;

J. Prepare ordinances and resolutions as required to carry out the functions of the council;

K. Prepare agendas and council packets as required by the council;

L. Assure that the municipality complies with 42 U.S.C. 1971-1974 (Voting Rights Act of 1965, as amended);

M. Act as the parliamentary advisor to the council;

N. Prepare the budget for the council, mayor and clerk’s office and provide the budget to the manager, according to the manager’s timeline. The manager shall include the proposed budget, as submitted to the council; and

O. Perform other duties required by law or the council. (Ord. 09-004 § 3, 2009; Ord. 648 § 9, 2005)

2.11.030 Deputy city clerk.

A. The clerk shall serve as appointing authority for and appoint all positions in the clerk’s office.

B. In the temporary absence of the city clerk, the deputy city clerk is authorized to act on behalf of the city clerk, with all the powers and obligations of the city clerk.

C. The deputy city clerk shall be empowered to sign all documents in the name of the city clerk, subscribing his or her personal signature as deputy city clerk. (Ord. 08-002 § 3, 2008)