Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Election to be subject to ombudsman jurisdiction.

2.16.010 Election to be subject to ombudsman jurisdiction.

A. Pursuant to the provisions of AS 24.55.320, the city elects to be subject to the jurisdiction of the Alaska State Ombudsman (hereinafter “ombudsman”), effective upon notification as provided in subsection (D) and subject to termination as provided.

B. Jurisdiction. The ombudsman shall have jurisdiction to investigate the administrative acts of all departments, offices, boards, commissions or committees of the city, but shall not have jurisdiction over the city council, or any grievance, disciplinary action or termination of an employee subject to the provisions of the city personnel rules.

C. Procedures. Investigations shall be initiated and conducted by the ombudsman pursuant to and in accordance with the procedures, with the powers, and subject to the duties established by the Ombudsman Act (AS 24.55).

D. Term. The city manager is authorized to negotiate with the ombudsman for a contract incorporating the requirements of this section and such other terms and conditions as the city manager may find to be in the public interest. Upon approval of the contract by the city council, the city manager shall execute the contract and give notice to the ombudsman pursuant to AS 24.55.320. The contract may have a term coincident with the city’s fiscal year and may be renewed annually upon the appropriation of funds, shall terminate on December 31st of any year during which the city council fails to appropriate sufficient funds for the contract during the following fiscal year and may be amended or terminated by the city manager at any other time in accordance with the terms of the contract and upon approval by the city council. The city council may remove the city from the jurisdiction of the ombudsman by ordinance and notice to the ombudsman of such election.

E. Annual Report. The ombudsman shall submit to the city council and the public an annual activity report of the ombudsman. (Ord. 08-003 § 4, 2008)