Chapter 2.45


2.45.005    Creation.

2.45.010    Appointment.

2.45.020    Purpose.

2.45.030    Duties.

2.45.005 Creation.

The department of community development is comprised of the following:

A. Building;

B. Planning;

C. Zoning;

D. Code compliance;

E. Community development;

F. Palmer municipal library;

G. Parks and recreation, including:

1. MTA Events Center;

2. Palmer municipal golf course. (Ord. 11-005 § 5, 2011; Ord. 08-003 § 13, 2008)

2.45.010 Appointment.

The director of community development shall be appointed by the city manager and serve at the pleasure of the city manager. (Ord. 11-005 § 5, 2011; Ord. 08-003 § 13, 2008)

2.45.020 Purpose.

In accordance with the City of Palmer Charter, the department of community development is established to provide for the planning, library and recreation services and community development services within the city, to ensure compliance with comprehensive municipal building and zoning regulations. A director of community development will be responsible for the department. (Ord. 11-005 § 5, 2011)

2.45.030 Duties.

The functions of the department shall include:

A. Building inspections, plan review and maintenance of building records;

B. Planning activities including the preparation and implementation of long range and current plans and provision of staff support to the Palmer planning and zoning commission;

C. Custodian of zoning and other land use plans, maps and documents;

D. Code compliance and the investigation of nuisances that may be offensive or endanger the health or general welfare of the public;

E. Community development;

F. Maintenance of official street number map and issuance of an address to each lot, tract, parcel and building within the city;

G. Operation of the Palmer municipal library;

H. Development and operation of parks and recreation facilities, including:

1. MTA Events Center;

2. Palmer municipal golf course;

I. Other duties as assigned by the manager. (Ord. 11-005 § 5, 2011)