Chapter 2.59


2.59.010    Appointment.

2.59.030    Duties of the Palmer police department.

2.59.010 Appointment.

A. The chief of police shall be appointed by the city manager and serve at the pleasure of the city manager.

B. The chief of police is responsible for oversight of certified and noncertified personnel of the police department. (Ord. 15-011 § 5, 2015)

2.59.030 Duties of the Palmer police department.

A. The functions of the police department shall include:

1. Enforcement of law and order;

2. Police training and conduct of police work;

3. Attendance at every fire to preserve order and to prevent theft and destruction;

4. Patrol and inspect streets and alleys and cause to be removed all nuisances, obstructions or impediments therein, causing offenders to be cited to abate such nuisances;

5. Investigate the cause and circumstances of any accident occurring for which the city may be liable and notify the city manager promptly of all such accidents; and

6. Respond to routine and emergency calls and dispatch necessary response.

B. The chief of police shall:

1. Direct and supervise the duties listed under subsection (A) of this section;

2. Cause to be investigated all applicants for any license or permit when such application requires certification by the chief of police;

3. Implement an operations manual for the purpose of governing the department;

4. Manage the budget, operations and personnel of the department;

5. Supervise the dispatch center;

6. Report department status and activities to the city manager;

7. Make determinations as required in PMC Title 6, Animals;

8. Perform such other duties as shall be required by the city manager. (Ord. 15-011 § 5, 2015)