Chapter 4.40


4.40.005    Scope of coverage – Definition.

4.40.010    Timely – Definition.

4.40.020    Procedure.

4.40.005 Scope of coverage – Definition.

As used in this chapter, a “grievance” means any timely filed dispute involving the following terms and conditions of employment:

A. Wages;

B. Overtime;

C. Leave;

D. Transfer; and

E. Promotion. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.40.010 Timely – Definition.

In this chapter, “timely” means the grievance must be filed within 60 days of the grievable event. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.40.020 Procedure.

A. When an employee has a grievance, the employee shall timely present the grievance in writing to his or her immediate supervisor who shall endeavor to resolve it within five working days. If the supervisor is unable to do so the supervisor shall refer it to the department director who shall have five working days for the settlement of the grievance.

B. If the employee’s supervisor is a department director, then the department director shall have seven working days to settle the grievance. If not resolved at the department director level, the grievance shall be reported in writing to the personnel officer.

C. Once reported to the personnel officer or designee, the personnel officer or designee shall conduct an investigation. The decision on the findings shall be provided to the employee within 15 working days. If the grievance is not resolved at the personnel officer level, it shall be reported in writing along with the personnel officer’s findings and decision to the city manager who shall conduct an investigation and hearings as may be appropriate and report his or her findings and decision to the employee within 15 working days. The decision of the city manager shall be final.

D. In presenting grievances throughout the procedure, the aggrieved employee may have the assistance of any representatives as he or she considers desirable, at the employee’s expense. Any employee of the city having a work-related complaint is required to seek resolution of the complaint by following the procedures described in this section.

E. The intent of this procedure is to seek resolution of the complaint at the lowest level of the organization possible, to foster sound interpersonal relations between each level of the city’s departments, and to be supportive of open communication between supervisors and subordinates.

F. Once an employee has given notice of resignation or has been served with the notice of intent for adverse action according to Chapter 4.50 PMC, Disciplinary Action and Termination, their grievance rights cease. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)