Chapter 4.60


4.60.005    Training.

4.60.010    Official travel.

4.60.020    Travel approval.

4.60.030    Travel approval procedures.

4.60.040    Travel expenses.

4.60.050    Air travel costs.

4.60.060    Private vehicle costs.

4.60.070    City vehicle.

4.60.080    Lodging costs.

4.60.090    Per diem and day travel allowance.

4.60.100    Car rental costs.

4.60.110    Registration fees.

4.60.120    Other expenses related to city business.

4.60.130    Travel advance.

4.60.140    Travel expense report.

4.60.150    Credit card receipts.

4.60.005 Training.

A. Each department director shall develop and conduct such practical training programs as are suited to the special requirements of the department. The city manager shall institute and provide for the conduct of training programs which are needed for efficient management of two or more departments. Training programs shall particularly emphasize employee safety, OSHA compliance, sexual harassment, and workplace violence.

B. Each department director may offer employees the opportunity to attend off-site training, conferences or seminars, at the city’s expense, subject to appropriation.

C. An employee who terminates his or her employment within 12 months of date of training shall reimburse the city for the cost associated with the training.

1. Reimbursement shall be prorated; i.e., if training cost is $1,200 and the employee leaves six months after training, the employee is required to reimburse the city $600.00.

2. The city manager may waive the reimbursement requirement on a case-by-case basis based on good cause related to hardship circumstances. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.010 Official travel.

A. Travel time will be compensated as required under the Fair Labor Standards Act;

B. Days on travel status not directly related to pre-approved travel and/or training shall be charged to personal leave. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.020 Travel approval.

All city employees must have all travel approved in accordance with PMC 4.60.030 and 4.60.040. Expenses incurred for city travel not in compliance with this regulation will not be paid or reimbursed. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.030 Travel approval procedures.

A. A travel authorization form shall be completed by the traveler immediately upon determining travel is required.

B. The traveler shall submit the completed travel authorization form and any additional written justification to the appropriate department director.

C. A copy of the approved travel authorization form including any written justification shall be forwarded to the department of finance by the department director. (Ord. 15-022 § 5, 2015; Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.040 Travel expenses.

Employees shall be reimbursed for the following actual and necessary expenses, described in PMC 4.60.050 through 4.60.120, incurred while on official city business, provided the travel was properly authorized. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.050 Air travel costs.

The city will pay for all costs of the employee’s air transportation that are directly related to travel on official business. The most economical and direct route possible shall be utilized. No reimbursement shall be allowed for more than the lowest coach class fare unless:

A. Lowest coach class fare was not available;

B. The department director finds that travel by the lowest coach class fare is not in the best interest of the city and authorizes other accommodations;

C. An employee may, at his or her own expense, purchase an upgraded seat. The cost difference for the upgrade shall be paid by the employee immediately upon purchase of the ticket. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.060 Private vehicle costs.

The following shall apply:

A. If a city vehicle is not available, the city will reimburse travelers for use of their privately owned vehicle at the currently approved rate not to exceed the cost of coach class airfare;

B. If two or more employees travel in the same private vehicle, the reimbursement shall not exceed the cost that would have been incurred had they all traveled by air. Only the owner of the vehicle may claim reimbursement for mileage;

C. Mileage shall not be paid for home-to-work, work-to-home travel. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.070 City vehicle.

The city will reimburse the cost of fuel, based on receipts, actually incurred by the employee. Reimbursement for mileage will not be allowed. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.080 Lodging costs.

The city will pay lodging costs (room and tax) only at a single occupancy rate, unless two city employees share a double room and then a double occupancy rate will be paid. Government rates shall be requested and used whenever possible. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.090 Per diem and day travel allowance.

A. In-State Travel over 12 Hours.

1. A per diem rate of $70.00 shall be allowed for employees who are away from home for over 12 hours on city business.

2. The $70.00 rate includes $15.00 for breakfast, $20.00 for lunch and $35.00 for dinner.

B. Out-of-State Travel over 12 Hours.

1. A per diem rate equal to the current IRS rate shall be allowed for employees who are away from home for over 12 hours on city business.

2. The rate shall include the current amount for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

C. Day Travel Allowance.

1. Employees who travel on city business for a time period of more than four hours and less than 12 hours are entitled to an allowance of one meal.

2. The meal allowance is based on the current rate for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

3. This is a taxable allowance and therefore will be an addition to the employee’s wages on the payroll following the travel.

D. A deduction to per diem will be made for meals paid for separately by the city and meals paid for by others. This includes meals paid in advance and/or included in registration fees and business meals reimbursed to the traveler or reimbursed to another city traveler as a business meal. Meals provided by airlines do not impact per diem entitlement. Continental breakfasts which are provided do not impact per diem entitlement.

E. The Internal Revenue Service requires that per diem be prorated for partial days of travel, which will occur on departure or arrival from the city. The following is the departure and arrival proration:

1. The actual departure and arrival of the aircraft will be used to determine the times.

2. If traveling by private vehicle, the times are based on the actual departure and arrival time from the point of origin.

Departure Time

In-State Allowance

Out-of-State Allowance

12:01 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.


Current IRS Rate

10:01 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Current IRS Rate

3:01 p.m. to midnight


Current IRS Rate

Arrival Time

In-State Allowance

Out-of-State Allowance

12:01 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.


Current IRS Rate

10:01 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Current IRS Rate

3:01 p.m. to midnight


Current IRS Rate

(Ord. 15-017 § 3, 2015; Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.100 Car rental costs.

A. The city will reimburse car rental costs only if car rental was approved on the travel authorization form, and then only for the days/mileage necessary to conduct official business.

B. In unusual circumstances, reimbursement for car rental without pre-authorization may be authorized by the department director if there is valid justification.

C. Car rental expenses without pre-authorization become the responsibility of the traveler unless authorized by the department director. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.110 Registration fees.

The city may make advance payment or reimbursement for education/training fees. Fees for entertainment are at the employee’s expense. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.120 Other expenses related to city business.

A. The city will reimburse taxi, telephone calls, mileage for use of personal vehicles, and other official expenses when shown to be directly related to official business.

B. A request to be reimbursed for expenses incurred while conducting city business shall be made within 30 days of the date the expenses were incurred. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)


4.60.130 Travel advance.

The city may make travel advance payments when requested. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.140 Travel expense report.

Travelers shall submit a travel expense report, including all receipts, within 10 days after all travel has been completed. If this provision is not met, the finance director shall initiate a payroll deduction for expenses due to the city. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.60.150 Credit card receipts.

Credit card receipts shall be accompanied by itemized cash register receipts. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)