Chapter 4.80


4.80.005    Official letters of reference.

4.80.020    Personal letters of reference.

4.80.005 Official letters of reference.

A. Official letters of reference for current and former city employees or volunteers may only be written by a department director.

B. The letter must be consistent with the last three employee appraisals.

C. Prior to the issuance of such a reference, the human resources specialist shall review and approve the contents of the letter. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)

4.80.020 Personal letters of reference.

This chapter does not prohibit the issuance of personal letters of reference by an employee of the city. However:

A. All personal letters of reference must specify that the letter is a personal reference; and

B. The letter shall not be presented on any city department letterhead. (Ord. 12-001 § 3, 2013)