Chapter 6.20


6.20.010    Quarantine procedure.

6.20.020    Physician’s report required.

6.20.030    Veterinarian’s diagnosis report required.

6.20.040    Quarantine fees.

6.20.010 Quarantine procedure.

A. Every animal (other than a police dog owned by a law enforcement agency) which bites a person shall be promptly reported to the police department. At the discretion of the police department the animal shall be quarantined for a period of 10 days and shall not be released from quarantine except by permission of the police department. At the discretion of the police department the quarantine may be on the premises of the owner or at the shelter designated as the area animal shelter or any veterinary hospital of the owner’s choice. In every event, quarantine shall be at the owner’s expense. In the case of animals whose ownership is not known, the quarantine shall be at the designated animal shelter.

B. The owner, upon demand by any enforcement agent, shall surrender any animal, which has bitten a human and which is suspected as having been exposed to rabies, for supervised quarantine. The expense for quarantine shall be paid by the owner. If determined free of rabies and not vicious, the animal may be reclaimed by the owner upon payment of established fees.

C. When a quarantined animal has been diagnosed as being rabid or suspected by a licensed veterinarian as being rabid, it shall be disposed of in accordance with the directions of the licensed veterinarian.

D. If rabies is reported in the area, or if the police department suspects rabies in the area, the police department may recommend an areawide quarantine for a period of 30 days, and, upon invoking the quarantine, no animal shall be taken into any public place or permitted to be in the streets during the quarantine period. During the quarantine period, no animal shall be taken or shipped from the city without the written permission of the health officer.

E. During the quarantine period, every animal bitten by an animal judged to be rabid shall be destroyed or, at the owner’s option and expense, shall be treated for rabies infection by a licensed veterinarian or held under 30 days’ quarantine by the owner in the same manner as other animals are quarantined.

F. In the event there are additional cases of rabies occurring during the quarantine period, the quarantine period may be extended for an additional six months.

G. The carcass of any dead animal exposed to rabies shall upon demand be surrendered to a licensed veterinarian.

H. The police department shall direct the disposition of any animal found to be infected with rabies.

I. No person shall fail or refuse to surrender any animal for quarantine or destruction as required in this chapter when demand is made by an enforcement agent. (Ord. 631 § 9, 2004; Ord. 416 § 7, 1990; Ord. 178 § 8, 1973)

6.20.020 Physician’s report required.

It shall be the duty of every physician or other practitioner of medicine to report to the police department the names and addresses of persons treated for bites inflicted by animals, together with other information as will be helpful in rabies control. (Ord. 631 § 9, 2004; Ord. 178 § 9, 1973)

6.20.030 Veterinarian’s diagnosis report required.

It shall be the duty of every licensed veterinarian to report to the police department a diagnosis of any animal observed as having rabies. (Ord. 631 § 9, 2004; Ord. 178 § 10, 1973)

6.20.040 Quarantine fees.

Quarantine costs shall be established by the borough and shall be paid by the owner of the animal(s). (Ord. 631 § 9, 2004; Ord. 392 § 4, 1988)