Chapter 7.10


7.10.010    Authority.

7.10.020    Previous regulations superseded.

7.10.030    Purpose and scope.

7.10.010 Authority.

A. Under the authority granted in AS 02.20.060, Enforcement and Penalties, and pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, the following regulations are hereby promulgated governing the conduct of all persons visiting or using the facilities of the Warren “Bud” Woods Palmer Municipal Airport and all vehicles, structures, property and aircraft on the airport. The penalty for violation of any airport regulations shall be as prescribed in Chapter 1.08 PMC, unless otherwise provided herein.

B. These regulations also govern the conduct of all persons flying within a three-mile radius of the airport unless exceptions are specifically provided in the FAA regulations, or unless the airport superintendent authorizes exceptions not in conflict with the federal regulations. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)

7.10.020 Previous regulations superseded.

These regulations supersede and void all previous regulations promulgated by the city of Palmer with respect to the Palmer Municipal Airport. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)

7.10.030 Purpose and scope.

The purpose and scope of these regulations include providing guidance to airport users, operators, and staff; compliance with Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) rules and regulations; control airport activities; and ensuring the safety of all airport users and operations. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)