Chapter 7.100


7.100.010    General rules of conduct.

7.100.020    Penalties.

7.100.030    Violation of regulations.

7.100.040    Explosives at airport.

7.100.010 General rules of conduct.

A. All persons (visitor, business owner, employee, agent or guest) at the airport shall comply with:

1. The airport regulations, PMC and other applicable laws and regulations; and

2. Orders the airport superintendent issues under applicable city, state or federal law and regulations; and

3. Instructions, requirements, and restrictions that the airport superintendent has posted or indicated by sign, signal, or other control device, unless otherwise directed by an authorized person directing aircraft, vehicle, or pedestrian traffic.

B. No person on the airport shall:

1. Alter, make additions to, erect any building or sign, place fill material, or make any excavations on the airport without first obtaining the approvals or permits required by these regulations or Palmer Municipal Code.

2. Abandon any personal property on the airport.

3. Smoke, light a match, or have any open flame within 50 feet of an aircraft being fueled or defueled.

4. Interfere with, tamper with, unlawfully remove or injure any part of the airport or any of the equipment thereof.

5. Knowingly or willfully make any false statement or report to the airport superintendent or a city employee.

6. Enter any area posted as being closed to the public, except as may be permitted by these regulations.

7. Enter upon the field area except:

a. Persons assigned to duty therein by the airport superintendent or city manager;

b. Authorized representatives of the city and FAA;

c. Persons authorized by the airport superintendent or city manager; and

d. Passengers, under appropriate supervision, entering the area for purposes of boarding or leaving an aircraft.

8. Travel on the airport other than on the roads, walks, or places provided for the particular class of traffic the person is using.

9. Hinder or obstruct a vehicle, aircraft, or another person from the lawful use of the airport.

10. Drive, walk, ride a bicycle or travel in any fashion in an aircraft operational area without the purpose of meeting a parked aircraft.

11. Walk their dog without the use of a leash or allow their animal to run freely.

12. Interfere or tamper with any aircraft or put in motion the engine of any aircraft, or use any aircraft, aircraft parts, instruments or tools, on the airport without permission of the aircraft owner or by specific direction of the airport superintendent.

C. Any person who is authorized or needs to be on an aircraft operational area shall always yield the right-of-way to any aircraft and travel on the edge of the aircraft operational area.

D. A person may not dump or plow snow anywhere on the airport except:

1. In a location the airport superintendent has designated for that purpose;

2. In a manner and location approved in writing by the airport superintendent; or

3. As specifically authorized under a lease or permit issued to the person by the city.

E. Any person who has been denied the use of the airport by the airport superintendent under Chapter 7.30 PMC may come upon or use the airport only while traveling through as a passenger in a taxicab or other vehicle or when enplaning or deplaning as a passenger of an aircraft operating on the airport. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)

7.100.020 Penalties.

Any person who violates any airport regulation, or any order or instruction issued thereunder, shall be subject to the penalties provided in Chapter 1.08 PMC. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)

7.100.030 Violation of regulations.

A. If a person acts in violation of the airport regulations or fails to act as required by the regulations, the airport superintendent may, in addition to the penalties herein, take one or more of the following actions:

1. Order the person to, either immediately or within a specified time:

a. Stop the violation;

b. Begin the required act; or

c. Leave the airport;

2. Provide written notice to the person that describes how the person may correct the violation or omission and the time within which the violation or omission must be corrected;

3. Correct the violation or omission; or

4. In an emergency or when the airport superintendent finds such assistance necessary for safety, maintenance, or operation of the airport, request enforcement assistance by the police department.

B. If the airport superintendent acts under subsection (A)(3) of this section to correct a violation or omission by a person, the city may seek reimbursement from the person of all costs, plus interest, that the city incurs in acting to correct the violation or omission, including but not limited to site assessment costs, cleanup costs, collection costs, legal and administrative costs, applicable fines, and costs resulting from interference with or delay of projects or operations on the airport.

C. If the FAA fines the city for a violation of a federal statute or regulation or for an occurrence or omission on the airport, the person who caused the violation, occurrence, or omission shall, upon written demand from the city, reimburse the city for the amount of the fine, plus interest and the costs incurred by the city in obtaining the reimbursement. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)

7.100.040 Explosives at airport.

A. A person who brings or possesses an explosive to or on the airport shall comply with the current hazardous materials provisions of 49 CFR Part 175, Carriage by Aircraft.

B. A person shall give the airport superintendent at least 24 hours’ advance written notice before bringing explosives onto the airport.

C. The airport superintendent may, based on considerations of the safety of airport users and the general public:

1. Condition, direct, supervise, or prohibit an operation involving an explosive on the airport; and

2. Require that an aircraft with an explosive aboard:

a. Be fueled, serviced, and parked in a remote or other designated area of the airport; and

b. Depart the airport as soon as air traffic and safety considerations allow.

D. In this section, “explosive” also has the meaning given in AS 11.81.900; “explosive” also includes fireworks as defined in AS 18.72.100. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)