Chapter 7.40


7.40.010    Aeronautical activities.

7.40.020    Airport superintendent’s authority over aeronautical activity.

7.40.030    Airport liability.

7.40.010 Aeronautical activities.

A. A person who engages in any aeronautical activity on the airport or operates an aircraft departing from or arriving in the airspace above the airport shall comply with FAA regulations and orders issued pursuant thereto.

B. Upon observance by the airport superintendent, or city employees, or the owner or flight crew of an aircraft, that any person exhibits an intent to board and/or operate an aircraft while he or she is physically incapacitated or mentally irresponsible by virtue of intoxication or the effects of drugs, or if any person attempts to board or operate an aircraft illegally, they shall endeavor to contact the Palmer emergency dispatch center by dialing 911.

C. A person who witnesses a violation of these airport regulations shall promptly report the violation to the airport superintendent.

D. If the airport superintendent, or designee, believes the conditions of the airport or any portion of the airport are unsafe for aircraft operations, the airport superintendent, or designee, shall issue a NOTAM closing the airport or portion of the airport to aircraft operations. When the airport superintendent, or designee, determines that the airport or closed portion of the airport has returned to a condition permitting the safe operation of aircraft, the city manager, or designee, shall issue a NOTAM reopening the airport or portion of the airport to aircraft operations.

E. A disabled aircraft and any parts thereof on a movement area of the airport shall be promptly removed from the movement area unless applicable law requires, or the airport superintendent or other person having jurisdiction orders, the removal to be delayed pending investigation of an accident. The owner bears financial responsibility for such removal.

F. No person shall abandon an aircraft anywhere on the airport.

G. An aircraft that the airport superintendent determines is abandoned or derelict on the airport shall be subject to impound under and removal by the city under PMC 7.60.040 at the sole expense and risk of the owner of the aircraft.

H. A person may not conduct an aircraft show or other aeronautical demonstration on the airport without the prior written approval of the airport superintendent.

I. No person shall operate an aircraft on the airport unless that person holds the valid license, certificate, or rating issued and required by the FAA for the operation of the aircraft. Said documents shall be exhibited to the airport superintendent or to a police officer upon demand. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)

7.40.020 Airport superintendent’s authority over aeronautical activity.

A. Except in an emergency or upon prior approval of the airport superintendent, aircraft operations on the airport are confined to designated runways, helipads, taxiways, taxi lanes, aprons, airport leases, and aircraft parking areas.

B. When the airport superintendent determines it is necessary for safe and secure operation of the airport, the airport superintendent may, by control device, sign or written order, regulate, control, and direct the availability of a runway, helipad, taxiway, taxi lane, apron, lease lots, or aircraft parking area on the airport.

C. The airport superintendent shall limit the use, time, type, weight, dimensions, and number of aircraft allowed to use an aircraft parking area when the airport superintendent determines that the limitation is justified by the design, safety, maintenance, or operation of the parking area or the airport. The airport superintendent may segregate aircraft operations on the airport according to aircraft use, size, type, or weight. The airport superintendent shall give notice of the superintendent’s orders, limitations, and aircraft operation segregation decisions under this section by:

1. Posting a sign in the affected areas of the airport;

2. Posting a notice in the FAA flight service station at the airport; or

3. Issuing a NOTAM.

D. The airport superintendent, or agents, have the authority to secure any aircraft believed to be in jeopardy, if said aircraft is in danger or at risk of damage from high wind or other peril and may cause damage to the aircraft or other aircraft in close proximity. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)

7.40.030 Airport liability.

A. The city assumes no responsibility for loss, injury, or damage to persons or property on the airport, or using airport facilities, for any reason whatsoever.

B. A person who brings an aircraft or personnel onto, or keeps an aircraft on, the airport does so at the person’s own risk, including but not limited to the security, maintenance, and operation of the aircraft. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)