Chapter 7.50


7.50.010    Vehicle operation.

7.50.020    Motor vehicle parking.

7.50.030    Motor vehicle impound.

7.50.010 Vehicle operation.

A. No person shall operate a motor vehicle on the airport in any manner other than in accordance with the airport regulations, rules prescribed by the airport superintendent, and other laws applicable to the operation of motor vehicles on the public way.

B. No person shall operate any motor vehicle in areas designated for the use of aircraft without the airport superintendent’s prior permission.

C. A person that operates any kind of motorized equipment on the airport must be in possession of a valid operator’s license, current and issued in the name of the person, required by law for the type of motorized equipment being operated.

D. No person shall operate a motor vehicle of any kind on the airport in a reckless manner or in excess of the speed limits prescribed by posted signs. In the absence of a posted sign, the speed limit shall be 15 miles per hour in all apron, aircraft parking, and hangar areas, and 25 miles per hour in all other portions of the airport.

E. Except in the case of an emergency, no person shall operate a motor vehicle in the field area contrary to the directions of posted signs.

F. The driver of any vehicle operated in the field area must at all times comply with the lawful orders, signals, and directives of the airport superintendent or a police officer.

G. All vehicles authorized to operate on the field area shall display a flashing yellow light visible for at least one mile and all vehicle operators shall maintain two-way voice communications with flight service, either by radio or telephone.

H. The existence of emergency conditions on the field area will not suspend or cancel any existing regulations. During an emergency in the field area, no motor vehicle shall be moved in any direction unless it is an emergency response vehicle.

I. All motor vehicles shall be equipped with and use headlamps, rear lamps, stop signal lamps, and other lights as required by applicable law.

J. No person on the airport shall:

1. Clean motor vehicles, engines, tools, or other equipment; and

2. Repair motor vehicles anywhere in the field area.

K. Any vehicle that has been authorized under this section to be operated in the field area shall not proceed closer than 75 feet from the edge of any runway, nor cross any runway, prior to obtaining current the traffic situation in the air and on the ground from the FAA flight service station during the hours when the flight service station is active, and by visual avoidance and monitoring of CTAF when within 75 feet of runway or taxiway when flight service station is not open or active.

L. No vehicle shall be operated on the airport if, in the judgment of the airport superintendent, it is so constructed, equipped, or loaded as to endanger persons or property. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)

7.50.020 Motor vehicle parking.

A. Other than for special events approved in advance by the airport superintendent, no person shall park a motor vehicle in an area designed for moving traffic or in an area where motor vehicle parking is prohibited.

B. No person shall park a motor vehicle on an area designated for use by aircraft without permission of the airport superintendent, except:

1. The holder of a valid aircraft tie down may park not more than two motor vehicles in the aircraft parking space while the aircraft is on a flight; or

2. During a period of high winds, the owner of a parked aircraft may park a motor vehicle immediately adjacent to the aircraft to provide wind protection for the aircraft for the duration of the high winds and not more than 48 hours after the high winds cease. For the purpose of this subsection (B)(2), “high winds” are defined as winds having gusts above 25 nautical miles per hour.

C. The airport superintendent may establish public parking areas for motor vehicles on the airport and establish, by signs posted at the parking areas, rules for use, including limits on vehicle size and parking duration.

D. No person shall park or leave an unattended vehicle on the airport having exposed or uncovered refuse, bagged or not, in the open bed of a vehicle. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)

7.50.030 Motor vehicle impound.

The airport may cause any motor vehicle parked in violation of this chapter to be impounded, at the vehicle owner’s expense and risk. The costs of impounding, towing and storage of such vehicles will be charged or assessed by the city against the vehicle, the registered owner of the vehicle, any person who has acquired legal title to the vehicle from or through the registered owner and any person who has violated this chapter. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)