Chapter 7.70


7.70.010    Aircraft registration.

7.70.020    Failure to register aircraft.

7.70.010 Aircraft registration.

A person who brings an aircraft to the airport and does not park the aircraft on the premises of a land lease shall, as soon as possible, register the aircraft with the airport superintendent or the city of Palmer finance department and obtain a parking location assignment. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)

7.70.020 Failure to register aircraft.

A. The owner or operator of an aircraft who fails to register the aircraft as required shall be subject to having the aircraft impounded in accordance with PMC 7.60.040.

B. This regulation shall not apply to an aircraft that, immediately after arriving at the airport, is parked on the premises of a land lease with the lessee’s permission and remains there until departure from the airport. (Ord. 17-003 § 4, 2017)