Chapter 8.32


8.32.010    Premises specifications.

8.32.010 Premises specifications.

The following provisions shall apply to hotels, roominghouses and dormitories in the city:

A. The premises shall at all times be kept in a clean and safe condition.

B. All places used for human habitation in the city must be provided with adequate heat, light and ventilation, sanitation and sufficient cubical content for the occupancy of those persons therein.

C. The owner or lessee of the property shall be responsible for the maintenance and sanitary condition of the establishment.

D. Buildings used for sleeping quarters shall provide at least 400 cubic feet of air space or 50 square feet of floor space for every occupant.

E. The total area of the outside opening shall be equal to at least one-eighth of the total floor area.

F. Clean pillow slips and bed sheets of sufficient size to cover the mattress and pillow shall be used. They shall be washed at least as often as they are assigned to a new guest. If occupied continuously by one person, they shall be changed at least once a week.

G. There shall be at least one toilet to each 10 occupants. If premises are occupied by men, additional urinals at the ratio of one for each 10 occupants should be supplied. The same ratio standard shall apply for shower baths and washbasins, with hot and cold water constantly available. (Ord. 140 § 1, 1967; 1978 code § 7.27)