Title 9


Division I. Offenses By or Against Officers and Government

9.02    Tampering with Public Notices

9.04    Impersonating an Officer

9.06    Interference with Public Justice

Division II. Offenses Against the Person

9.12    Assault and Battery

Division III. Offenses Against Public Property

9.20    Alcoholic Beverages

9.22    Gambling

9.24    Indecent Exposure

9.28    Obscenity

9.30    Prostitution

Division IV. Offenses Against the Public Peace

9.36    Disorderly Conduct

9.38    Disturbing Public Assemblies

Division V. Offenses Against Property

9.40    Trespass – Posting of Property

9.48    Petit Larceny

9.50    Injury to Property

Division VI. Consumer Protection

9.56    Interference with Utilities

9.58    Sale of Poison

9.60    Sale of Unwholesome Food

Division VII. Offenses By or Against Minors and Young People

9.67    Curfew Hour for Minors

Division VIII. Weapons

9.73    Repealed

9.74    Discharge of Firearms

Division IX. Controlled Substances

9.95    Sales of Synthetic Drugs Illegal