Chapter 9.04


9.04.010    Impersonating an officer prohibited.

9.04.020    Fines.

9.04.010 Impersonating an officer prohibited.

A person shall be an ordinance violator when that person:

A. Unlawfully represents himself or herself as an officer of the city.

B. Without authority exercises or attempts to exercise any powers, duties or functions of any officer.

C. Wears or has in his or her possession any police officer’s badge, with the attempt to pass himself or herself as a peace officer of the city. (Ord. 14-028 § 5, 2014; Ord. 210 § 4, 1978; 1978 code § 9.04)

9.04.020 Fines.

A violation of this chapter is an offense punishable by the fine established in the current, adopted budget. (Ord. 14-028 § 6, 2014)