Chapter 9.60


9.60.010    Sale of unwholesome food prohibited.

9.60.020    Fines.

9.60.010 Sale of unwholesome food prohibited.

A. Any person who knowingly sells any kind of diseased, decayed, corrupt or unwholesome food or provisions of any kind without making the same fully known to the purchaser shall be deemed an ordinance violator.

B. If any person shall adulterate for the purpose of sale, within the city, any substance intended for food or beverage with any substance injurious to health, or shall sell or offer for sale in the city any substance so intended knowing the same to be so adulterated, or if any person shall adulterate in the city for the purpose of sale any drug or medicine in such manner as to render the same injurious to health, or knowingly sells or offers for sale in the city any adulterated drug or medicine injurious to health, such person shall be deemed an ordinance violator. (Ord. 14-028 § 26, 2014; Ord. 210 § 4, 1978; 1978 code § 9.60)

9.60.020 Fines.

A violation of this chapter is an offense punishable by the fine established in the current, adopted budget. (Ord. 14-028 § 27, 2014)