Chapter 15.32


15.32.010    Local amendments to the National Electrical Code, 2014 Edition.

15.32.020    Administration.    Schedule of permit fees.

15.32.100A    General.    Dwelling units.    Day care facilities.    Location.    Marking.

15.32.334.104    Conductors.

15.32.010 Local amendments to the National Electrical Code, 2014 Edition.

The amendments to the 2014 Edition of the National Electrical Code are listed hereafter by section. The last digits of the section number, after the title and chapter digits, refer to the section of the National Electrical Code being amended; i.e., PMC refers to Section 210.8. (Ord. 17-005 § 4, 2017)

15.32.020 Administration.

Administrative actions under this chapter shall be in accordance with Chapters 15.00 and 15.02 PMC. (Ord. 17-005 § 4, 2017) Schedule of permit fees.

The fee for each permit shall be as set forth in the current, adopted budget. (Ord. 17-005 § 4, 2017)

15.32.100A General.

Amend by adding the following definition:

BUILDING OFFICIAL: The officer or other designated authority charged with the administration and enforcement of this code.

(Ord. 17-005 § 4, 2017) Dwelling units.

Amend by revising subsection to read as follows:

Sinks – where receptacles within 1.8 m (six ft.) of the outside edge of the sink as measured along wall.

(Ord. 17-005 § 4, 2017) Day care facilities.

Add subsection (E) to read as follows:

(E) Day Care Facilities – In all day care facilities as defined by the current building codes as adopted and amended by the city of Palmer all 125-volt, single phase, 15- and 20-ampere receptacles installed where accessible to children shall have ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI) protection.

(Ord. 17-005 § 4, 2017) Location.

Add the following:

If installed inside, a means to disconnect all conductors in the building from the service entrance conductors shall be provided on the building exterior.

(Ord. 17-005 § 4, 2017) Marking.

Add the following:

When there is more than one meter on any single service, they shall be permanently identified with numbers painted on the meter base at least one inch in height or identified by other approved means that corresponds to the number on the unit served.

(Ord. 17-005 § 4, 2017)

15.32.334.104 Conductors.

Amend the first sentence to read as follows:

The 600 volt insulated conductors shall be sizes No. 12 AWG through No. 2 AWG with copper conductors or sizes No. 6 AWG through No. 2 AWG with aluminum or copper-clad aluminum conductors.

(Ord. 17-005 § 4, 2017)