Chapter 16.12


16.12.010    Preliminary discussion.

16.12.020    Purpose.

16.12.030    Submittal procedure – Approval or disapproval.

16.12.040    Requirements.

16.12.010 Preliminary discussion.

The subdivider is invited to discuss informally his preliminary studies and layout with the commission in order to facilitate his preparation of the required plans and plats in accordance with these regulations. (Ord. 152 § 1, 1971; 1978 code § 15.102.1)

16.12.020 Purpose.

The purpose for submitting the preliminary plat is to afford the subdivider an opportunity of receiving preliminary review of his plat and to prevent the unnecessary expenditure of money and time that would be necessitated if major changes were required by the commission in case a final and surveyed plat were submitted directly to the commission. (Ord. 152 § 1, 1971; 1978 code § 15.103.1(b))

16.12.030 Submittal procedure – Approval or disapproval.

A. The subdivider shall prepare a preliminary plat of his proposed subdivision, which shall comply with the requirements of PMC 16.12.040 and with other pertinent provisions of these regulations.

B. To receive consideration at a regular meeting of the commission, seven copies of the preliminary plat must be filed with the city clerk not less than 15 days prior to such regular meeting.

C. The city clerk within three days shall forward, for purposes of information and comment, one copy of the preliminary plat to the city engineer and Matanuska Electric Association. The city clerk shall request each agency to whom a preliminary plat is referred to submit its comments to the city clerk within 10 days. If such comments are not received within 10 days, the commission may deem that the agency not replying favors the approval of the preliminary plat as submitted.

D. Following review of the preliminary plat as to proposed plan and compliance with these regulations, and after such negotiations with the applicant for changes in the subdivision plan as the commission may deem advisable, the commission shall express its approval or, if disapproval, shall express disapproval and its reasons therefor in writing within 60 days of receipt. The applicant shall have the privilege of appealing the commission’s ruling to the city council.

E. The action of the commission shall be noted on two copies of the preliminary plat referenced and attached to any conditions determined. Both copies shall be referred to the city council for action. Two copies shall be returned to the subdivider and the other retained by the commission.

F. Conditional approval of the preliminary plat shall not constitute final approval of the plat; rather, it shall be deemed an expression of approval to the proposal submitted on the preliminary plat as a guide to the preparation of the final plat. (Ord. 152 § 1, 1971; 1978 code § 15.103.1(a), (c) – (g))

16.12.040 Requirements.

The preliminary plat should show the following information:

A. Name of the subdivision;

B. Legal description of location, and total area in acres or fractional part thereof, of the proposed subdivision;

C. Name and address of owner and subdivider and name of engineer or land surveyor of the preliminary plat;

D. The horizontal scale shall be 100 feet or less to the inch;

E. Date and north point;

F. The locations, width and names of all existing or platted streets or other public ways within or adjacent to the tract, and roads within 100 feet of the tract, existing permanent buildings, railroad rights-of-way and other important features, such as section lines, political subdivision or corporation lines, and school district boundaries;

G. All parcels of land intended to be dedicated for public use or reserved in the deeds for the uses of all property owners in the proposed subdivision, together with the purpose or conditions or limitations of such reservations, if any;

H. The layout, numbers and approximate dimensions of proposed lots;

I. The location, names, width of proposed streets, alleys and existing and proposed easements within the subdivision;

J. Space for approval of the commission, with additional space for date and seal;

K. Existing sewers, water mains, culverts, or other underground structures within the tract and immediately adjacent thereto, with pipe sizes, grades and locations indicated; existing pole lines should also be shown;

L. The names of adjacent recorded subdivisions, and owners of adjacent land not subdivided, giving book and page where recorded;

M. The commission may waive the following at its discretion: profiles, and accompanying data. (Ord. 152 § 1, 1971; 1978 code § 15.104)