Chapter 17.28


17.28.010    Intent.

17.28.020    Permitted uses.

17.28.030    Conditional uses.

17.28.040    Prohibited uses.

17.28.050    Building height limit.

17.28.060    Repealed.

17.28.062    Lot area restrictions.

17.28.064    Setback requirements.

17.28.066    Open space requirements.

17.28.068    Fencing requirements.

17.28.070    Parking and landscaping.

17.28.010 Intent.

The C-L district is established as a district in which the principal use of land is for a combination of dwellings and commercial enterprises. The commercial enterprises are of a nature to serve the daily or frequent convenience shopping and personal service needs of residences, thus serving a population and trade area which is less than that served by the central business district. The specific intent as established for this district is:

A. To provide buffer zone(s) between the heavy uses allowed in the general commercial area and the residential areas;

B. To permit an intermingling of commercial structures and housing;

C. All of the permitted principal uses listed in PMC 17.28.020 shall be uses conducted wholly within an enclosed building. (Ord. 10-011 § 3, 2010; Ord. 05-026 § 4, 2005; Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.28.020 Permitted uses.

Permitted principal uses in the C-L district are:

A. One single-family dwelling per lot;

B. Single- or multiple-family dwellings as part of a mixed use development on and above the second floor or below the ground level of the structure;

C. Truck gardens, raising of bush and tree crops, flower gardening and greenhouses;

D. Home occupations;

E. Churches;

F. Banks;

G. Barber or beauty shop;

H. Bakery shop, candy or ice cream store or delicatessen;

I. Cafe or restaurant;

J. Clothing, dress, or shoe store;

K. Office building, financial and professional offices;

L. Repealed by Ord. 10-011;

M. Dentist, doctor, optometrist, medical, or dental clinic;

N. Pharmacy, dry goods, grocery, meat market or locker plant;

O. Dry-cleaner or laundromat;

P. Clothing alterations or shoe repair;

Q. Florist, gift shop, music store, stationery, variety store, hobby and model shop;

R. Book, camera, luggage, jewelry or toy store;

S. Senior citizen centers;

T. Hospitals and homes for the elderly;

U. Child care facilities and preschools;

V. Special needs day care facilities;

W. Accessory uses customarily incidental to any of the above uses. (Ord. 10-011 § 3, 2010; Ord. 05-042 § 7, 2006; Ord. 05-026 § 4, 2005; Ord. 489 § 9, 1995; Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.28.030 Conditional uses.

Uses which may be permitted in the C-L district by obtaining a conditional use permit are:

A. Utility substations;

B. Funeral parlors;

C. Residential care facilities:

D. Brewpubs;

E. Wineries;

F. Public and private schools. (Ord. 10-011 § 3, 2010; Ord. 09-012 § 4, 2009; Ord. 09-001 § 4, 2009; Ord. 05-026 § 4, 2005; Ord. 489 § 10, 1995; Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.28.040 Prohibited uses.

Prohibited uses and structures in the C-L district are all uses and structures not specified as permitted outright, including, for example, large retail establishments and the outside storage of heavy equipment, such as tractors, graders or trucks, used for gain. (Ord. 05-026 § 4, 2005; Ord. 606 § 4, 2004; Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.28.050 Building height limit.

The maximum building height shall be 35 feet above grade. (Ord. 05-026 § 4, 2005; Ord. 454 § 4, 1992).

17.28.060 Lot area.

Repealed by Ord. 627. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.28.062 Lot area restrictions.

Lot areas shall be subject to the following restrictions:

A. Minimum lot width is 60 feet.

B. Minimum lot area is 7,200 square feet.

C. Residential square footage shall not exceed commercial square footage in a mixed use structure. (Ord. 10-011 § 3, 2010; Ord. 05-026 § 4, 2005; Ord. 627 § 4, 2004)

17.28.064 Setback requirements.

Minimum setback requirements:

A. For ground level dwelling units (except for buildings existing as of January 17, 1978, in a recognized historic district, in which case the building setback for ground level residential use shall be the existing building setback), any part of a dwelling unit and residential garages, the setbacks are:

1. Front yard, 25 feet.

2. Side yard, 15 feet.

3. Rear yard, 25 feet.

B. For residential uses above the ground level and nonresidential uses not abutting or immediately across an alley from an R-1 or R-1E zone, the setbacks are:

1. Front yard, none.

2. Side yard, none.

3. Rear yard, none.

C. For nonresidential uses abutting or immediately across an alley from an R-1 or R-1E zone, the setbacks are:

1. Front yard, none.

2. Side yard, 25 feet.

3. Rear yard, 25 feet.

The width of the alley may be included in the side or rear setback measurement. (Ord. 05-026 § 4, 2005; Ord. 627 § 5, 2004)

17.28.066 Open space requirements.

A. All residential uses require a minimum of 200 square feet of open space for outdoor activities per dwelling unit. No dimension of the open space shall be less than 10 feet. This open space requirement does not apply to any building which has a footprint constructed before January 17, 1978, and which footprint has not been significantly altered.

B. Open space shall not be used for storage, driveway, vehicle or other parking, above ground building utilities or services, or any structures (other than a fence). Open space may be used for lawn, shrubs, or trees. (Ord. 05-026 § 4, 2005; Ord. 627 § 6, 2004)

17.28.068 Fencing requirements.

Lots abutting or immediately across an alley from any residential zone which contains four or more dwelling units or any nonresidential use shall have a six-foot, six-inch, solid or interlap fence on the side or sides abutting or across an alley from residential zones. The fence shall be well built, finished and maintained. (Ord. 05-026 § 4, 2005; Ord. 627 § 7, 2004)

17.28.070 Parking and landscaping.

Parking and landscaping shall meet the requirements of Chapter 17.64 PMC. (Ord. 10-011 § 3, 2010; Ord. 05-026 § 4, 2005; Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)