Chapter 17.36


17.36.010    Intent.

17.36.020    Permitted uses.

17.36.030    Conditional uses.

17.36.040    Building height limit.

17.36.050    Lot area.

17.36.060    Parking.

17.36.010 Intent.

The I district is intended to apply to areas where land is best used for industrial purposes. Regulations in this district are intended to permit a wide range of industrial land and heavy commercial use and to discourage land uses which might preempt land which is best used for current or future industrial and heavy commercial development. The specific intent in establishing this district is:

A. To provide for use of the land for heavy commercial or moderate industrial uses;

B. To prohibit any residential use of the land;

C. To concentrate the industrial and heavy commercial uses within a given area to protect residential areas from noxious or noisy operations. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.36.020 Permitted uses.

Permitted principal uses and structures in the I district are:

1. Airplane repairing or reconditioning;

2. Assaying, cabinet shop, chemical laboratory, sash and door mill or assembly of music, candy, and vending machines;

3. Auction business;

4. Battery manufacture, boat building, iron work (ornamental), machine shop, die-casting or electroplating;

5. Bottling plant, brewery, packing house (vegetable or fruit) or wholesale business;

6. Petroleum products storage, service and distribution station, paint storage or paint manufacture;

7. Dry-cleaning and dyeing plant, laundry, linen supply business and rug and carpet cleaning;

8. Cold storage lockers, meat and seafood processing plants;

9. Egg candling and grading, feed grain and hay scales and grain storage;

10. Automobile painting, upholstering, rebuilding, reconditioning, motor exchange, body and fender work;

11. Utility substations;

12. Refrigeration maintenance and repair, steam cleaning and welding service and supplies;

13. Pipe and pole storage;

14. Radio or TV transmitter and/or studios;

15. Assembly of electrical appliances, electronic instruments and devices, radios and phonographs, including the manufacture of small parts such as coils and transformers;

16. The manufacture, compounding, processing, packaging or treatment of such products as bakery goods, candy, cosmetics, drugs, perfumes, perfumed toilet soap, toiletries and food products, vinegar, yeast, fish and meat products, and the rendering or refining of fats and oils;

17. The manufacture of music and scientific instruments, optical goods, cameras, jewelry, small auto accessories, trailers, mobile homes, prefabricated housing modules or units in the manufacture of similar goods;

18. The manufacture of pottery, figurines or other ceramic products;

19. The manufacture and maintenance of electric and neon signs and light sheet metal products, including heating and ventilating ducts and equipment, drain pipes, eaves and the like;

20. Industrial hardware store;

21. Heavy tool and equipment rental;

22. Warehousing of manufactured products;

23. Lumber yard, building material manufacture or sales yards;

24. Septic tank pumping business;

25. Freighting, transportation or trucking yard or terminal, railroad and motor freight terminals;

26. Industrial air and gas products;

27. Culvert fabrication;

28. Other comparable uses. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.36.030 Conditional uses.

A. The following uses may be permitted by obtaining a conditional use permit:

1. Concrete and concrete products manufacture;

2. Coal yard;

3. Contractor’s equipment yard;

4. House moving business;

5. Sewage treatment plants;

6. Industrial planned unit development;

7. Airport and heliports;

8. Slaughterhouses;

9. Uses and structures which are determined by the commission to be potentially noxious or injurious to other properties by reason of production or emission of excessive dust, smoke, refuse matter, odor, gas fumes, noise, vibration or similar substances or conditions;

10. Quarters for caretaker, guard or other persons whose permanent residency on the premises is required for operational safety, or protective purposes or as quarters or accommodations for persons engaged in certain industrial operations whose residency in the vicinity satisfies conditions or requirements of the work;

11. Power plants.

B. The following uses may be permitted by obtaining a conditional use permit, and must be enclosed on all sides by a site-obscuring fence not less than six feet in height if the use is located on a lot which abuts an arterial or higher classification road as recognized by the city of Palmer, or the lot abuts or is immediately across a recognized public right-of-way or easement from any lot not zoned industrial:

1. Salvage, wrecking or junk yard. (Ord. 10-015 § 5, 2010; Ord. 06-003 § 3, 2006; Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.36.040 Building height limit.

The maximum building height shall be three stories or 50 feet above grade. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.36.050 Lot area.

Lot area shall be as follows:

A.1. Minimum lot area: 7,200 square feet,

2. Minimum lot width: 60 feet;

B. Setback Requirements. All buildings and structures must be set back 25 feet from any public right-of-way and from any lot line adjoining a residential district. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.36.060 Parking.

Parking requirements shall meet the requirements of Chapter 17.64 PMC. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)