Chapter 17.40


17.40.010    Intent.

17.40.020    Permitted uses.

17.40.030    Conditional uses.

17.40.040    Building height limit.

17.40.050    Commission approval.

17.40.060    Lot areas.

17.40.070    Parking.

17.40.010 Intent.

The P district is established as a district in which the use of land is for public buildings and that certain lands be reserved and protected for compatible public uses. The specific intent established for this district is:

A. To reserve land for future municipal use;

B. To permit public parks, playgrounds, swimming pools or other recreational uses or buildings, including community or social buildings. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.40.020 Permitted uses.

Permitted principal uses and structures in the P district are:

A. Public buildings;

B. Playgrounds, parks and greenbelts;

C. Other compatible uses. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.40.030 Conditional uses.

The following uses may be permitted by obtaining a conditional use permit:

A. Fairgrounds and convention facilities;

B. Museums, historic and cultural exhibits and the like;

C. Commercial recreational facilities open to the general public;

D. Senior citizen centers;

E. Senior citizen housing;

F. Hospitals, residential care facilities, assisted living facilities, special needs day care facilities, hospice facilities, and nursing homes;

G. Cemeteries;

H. Campgrounds;

I. Child care facilities and preschools;

J. Utility substations;

K. Accessory uses which are necessary or desirable adjuncts to permitted principal uses, where such accessory uses are under the management or control of the organization or agency responsible for the permitted principal use. (Ord. 05-042 § 8, 2006; Ord. 489 § 12, 1995; Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.40.040 Building height limit.

The maximum building height shall be 50 feet above grade lines. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.40.050 Commission approval.

Prior to the approval of the building or structure, the commission shall receive, review and approve:

A. Plot plans;

B. Architectural design;

C. Rear yards;

D. Front yards;

E. Side yards;

F. Off-street parking;

G. Conformance to the city and the borough comprehensive plans. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.40.060 Lot areas.

Lot area shall be as follows:

A. Minimum lot area, 7,200 square feet;

B. Minimum lot width, 60 feet;

C. Setback requirements as determined by the commission, consistent with the setback requirements of the adjoining property. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.40.070 Parking.

Parking requirements shall meet the requirements of Chapter 17.64 PMC. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)