Chapter 17.49


17.49.010    Intent.

17.49.020    Permitted uses.

17.49.030    Prohibited uses.

17.49.040    Building height limit.

17.49.050    Lot coverage.

17.49.060    Building setbacks.

17.49.070    Parking.

17.49.080    Fences.

17.49.010 Intent.

The A-M district is intended to provide for the safe and orderly use of lands where the best use is for airport-related noncommercial, commercial and retail purposes. The specific intent in establishing this district is:

A. To provide land for noncommercial, commercial, and retail operations that are dependent upon the use of aircraft or are involved in the maintenance of aircraft or aircraft parts and equipment;

B. To locate aircraft-related uses in an area where their activities will have minimal effect on residential areas;

C. To be consistent with the latest airport layout plan approved by the Federal Aviation Administration; and

D. To give preference to aeronautical uses. (Ord. 17-001 § 5, 2017; Ord. 07-023 § 3, 2007)

17.49.020 Permitted uses.

A. Aircraft, aircraft parts and equipment maintenance, repairing, reconditioning or sales;

B. Aircraft charter and passenger operations;

C. Aircraft flight instruction schools;

D. Aircraft storage and parking;

E. Aircraft fueling operations;

F. Public safety facilities, airport operations and maintenance facilities;

G. Food service operations, restaurants;

H. Aircraft-related noncommercial operations; and

I. Aeronautical campgrounds. (Ord. 18-001 § 3, 2018; Ord. 07-023 § 3, 2007)

17.49.030 Prohibited uses.

A. Residential use or housing facilities;

B. Uses that would cause emissions of smoke, dust, fumes, vapors and glare of such a nature and quantity as to pose a hazard to aircraft flight or navigation;

C. Uses that are not aircraft-related; and

D. Outside storage of unrestrained items capable of being easily moved by the wind and becoming a hazard to air traffic. (Ord. 07-023 § 3, 2007)

17.49.040 Building height limit.

Thirty-five feet except where a lesser height is required to comply with FAA regulations. (Ord. 07-023 § 3, 2007)

17.49.050 Lot coverage.

Maximum lot coverage shall be 50 percent. (Ord. 07-023 § 3, 2007)

17.49.060 Building setbacks.

A. From right-of-way, 10 feet minimum;

B. From taxiway, runway or apron, 50 feet minimum; and

C. From all other lot lines, zero, or 10 feet minimum. (Ord. 17-001 § 8, 2017; Ord. 07-023 § 3, 2007)

17.49.070 Parking.

A. Comply with Chapter 17.64 PMC, Parking and Loading, including loading docks.

B. In addition, provide one vehicle space for each aircraft tie-down or parking space on the lot. Tie-down may be used for parking of one vehicle. (Ord. 07-023 § 3, 2007)

17.49.080 Fences.

Fences are not permitted within 50 feet of a taxiway, runway, or apron. Maximum height of a fence shall be eight feet. (Ord. 07-023 § 3, 2007)