Chapter 17.52


17.52.010    Intent.

17.52.020    Permitted uses.

17.52.030    Permitted accessory uses and structures.

17.52.040    Conditional uses.

17.52.050    Standards for a conditional use.

17.52.060    Prohibited uses.

17.52.070    Building height limit.

17.52.080    Minimum lot requirements.

17.52.090    Parking.

17.52.010 Intent.

The R-1E district is established to provide large lot residential estates comprised primarily of single-family residences. The regulations are designed to protect and stabilize the characteristics of the neighborhood, to encourage an environment compatible for family living, and to prohibit all commercial activities except home occupations. (Ord. 457 § 4, 1993)

17.52.020 Permitted uses.

Permitted principal uses and structures in the R-1E district are:

A. One-family dwellings;

B. Bed and breakfast establishments;

C. Parks and playgrounds;

D. Recreational courts, including, but not limited to, tennis and other similar uses;

E. One temporary subdivision sales office per subdivision in a residential structure, when located within the subdivision, and provided such use is discontinued when all lots have been sold and provided it complies with PMC 15.08.3103, Temporary buildings or structures. (Ord. 08-008 § 3, 2008; Ord. 457 § 4, 1993)

17.52.030 Permitted accessory uses and structures.

The following accessory uses and structures are permitted in the R-1E district:

A. Uses and structures customarily accessory to a permitted use;

B. Gardens and greenhouses when incidental to residential use;

C. Home occupations;

D. Travel trailers, campers and motor homes not used or occupied as living quarters. (Ord. 457 § 4, 1993)

17.52.040 Conditional uses.

Uses which may be permitted in the R-1E district by obtaining a conditional use permit are:

A. Churches and related buildings, provided no part of any church building shall be located nearer than 30 feet to an adjoining lot or street line;

B. Public utility installations and substations;

C. Country clubs and golf courses;

D. Community and publicly owned recreational centers;

E. Public and private schools;

F. Cemeteries;

G. Child care facilities operating as a day care only; provided, that no part of any building is located nearer than 30 feet of a lot or street line;

H. Special needs day care facilities; provided, that no part of any building is located nearer than 30 feet from a lot or street line. (Ord. 489 § 13, 1995; Ord. 457 § 4, 1993)

17.52.050 Standards for a conditional use.

In addition to the requirements of PMC 17.72.050, conditional uses shall be provided with access determined to be adequate by the Palmer planning and zoning advisory commission. (Ord. 457 § 4, 1993)

17.52.060 Prohibited uses.

Prohibited uses and structures in the R-1E district are all uses and structures not specified as permitted outright, including:

A. Residences other than those for single-family dwelling purposes;

B. Parking or storage of heavy equipment, tractors, graders or trucks which are used for gain;

C. Mobile homes. (Ord. 457 § 4, 1993)

17.52.070 Building height limit.

The maximum building height shall be 35 feet above grade. (Ord. 457 § 4, 1993)

17.52.080 Minimum lot requirements.

A. Minimum lot width: Minimum average lot width shall be 85 feet. Each lot shall have not less than 45 feet of frontage when a lot fronts on a cul-de-sac or 60 feet of frontage on a street;

B. Minimum lot area, 20,000 square feet;

C. Minimum setback requirements:

1. Front yard, 25 feet,

2. Side yard, 15 feet,

3. Side yard on street side of corner lot, 15 feet,

4. Rear yard, 25 feet;

D. Maximum lot coverage by all buildings shall not exceed 30 percent. (Ord. 457 § 4, 1993)

17.52.090 Parking.

Parking space shall meet the requirements of Chapter 17.64 PMC. (Ord. 457 § 4, 1993)