Chapter 17.54


17.54.010    Intent.

17.54.020    Permitted uses.

17.54.030    Conditional uses.

17.54.040    Standards for a conditional use permit.

17.54.050    Prohibited uses.

17.54.060    Building height limit.

17.54.070    Minimum lot requirements.

17.54.080    Parking.

17.54.010 Intent.

The rural residential (RR) district is established to provide for a diverse residential zone with large lots and low density that will stabilize and protect the rural characteristics of areas which, because of location, topography, level of services, or other natural or development factors, are best served by such designation. Home based commercial business and agricultural activities may also be allowed as accessory or conditional uses to a limited extent that is not harmful to the primarily rural residential character of the area. (Ord. 12-004 § 4, 2012)

17.54.020 Permitted uses.

Permitted principal uses and structures in the RR district are:

A. One-family dwellings;

B. One accessory dwelling unit;

C. Two-family dwellings;

D. Bed and breakfast;

E. Child care facilities and preschools, both operating as day care only;

F. Churches, synagogues, temples, chapels, mosques or similar places of worship and related structures;

G. Greenhouses, truck gardens, raising of bush and tree crops, flower gardens and nurseries, when incidental to residential use;

H. Home occupations;

I. Parks and playgrounds;

J. Recreational shop buildings not used for commercial purposes;

K. Storage of travel trailers, campers, pleasure boats and motor homes neither used nor occupied as living quarters, not to include commercial storage;

L. Storage sheds;

M. Senior care facility operating up to a 24-hour basis;

N. Assisted living centers operating on a 24-hour basis;

O. Hospice facilities. (Ord. 12-004 § 4, 2012)

17.54.030 Conditional uses.

Uses which may be permitted in the RR district by obtaining a conditional use permit are uses such as, but not limited to, the following:

A. Community and publicly owned recreational centers;

B. Driving ranges and golf courses;

C. Home based commercial business;

D. Public and private schools and learning centers;

E. Public facilities such as fire stations, libraries and museums;

F. Public utility installations and substations, but not including corporate offices, storage or repair yards, warehouses, and similar uses;

G. Seasonal roadside stands for the sale of produce and flowers;

H. Special needs day care facilities. (Ord. 12-004 § 4, 2012)

17.54.040 Standards for a conditional use permit.

In addition to the requirements of PMC 17.72.050, the following standards shall be met for a conditional use permit:

A. The use shall not unreasonably interfere with or cause undue annoyance to residential uses by reason of visual appearance, bright or flashing lights, odor, noise, dust, traffic, or other negative effects.

B. Neither the deliveries of bulk goods or materials, nor the on-street parking of related vehicles, shall adversely impact the normal traffic associated with the neighborhood.

C. Sufficient access is provided.

Conditions may be imposed by the commission with respect to location, screening, fencing, buffering, hours of operation, traffic, landscaping, or otherwise if reasonably necessary to satisfy these standards. (Ord. 12-004 § 4, 2012)

17.54.050 Prohibited uses.

Prohibited uses and structures in the RR district are all uses and structures not specified as permitted outright, conditionally permitted, or as accessory. (Ord. 12-004 § 4, 2012)

17.54.060 Building height limit.

The maximum building height shall be 35 feet above grade. (Ord. 12-004 § 4, 2012)

17.54.070 Minimum lot requirements.

A. Minimum lot width: 100 feet.

B. Minimum lot area: one acre.

C. Minimum setback requirements:

1. Front yard: 30 feet.

2. Side yard: 30 feet.

3. Side yard on street side of corner lot: 30 feet.

4. Rear yard: 30 feet.

D. Maximum lot coverage by all buildings: 30 percent. (Ord. 12-004 § 4, 2012)

17.54.080 Parking.

Parking spaces shall meet the requirements of PMC 17.64.010 through 17.64.031. (Ord. 12-004 § 4, 2012)