Chapter 17.57


17.57.010    Intent.

17.57.015    Definitions.

17.57.020    Permitted uses.

17.57.030    Permitted accessory uses and structures.

17.57.040    Conditional uses.

17.57.050    Standards for a conditional use permit.

17.57.060    Prohibited uses.

17.57.070    Building height limit.

17.57.080    Minimum lot requirements.

17.57.090    Parking.

17.57.010 Intent.

The intent of the AG district is to promote the continuing vitality of agriculture and other uses generally associated with rural land uses. (Ord. 12-005 § 4, 2012)

17.57.015 Definitions.

“Small agricultural event center” means a facility located on agriculturally zoned land of five acres or larger that provides a facility for any type of indoor social gathering and consisting of multipurpose meeting and/or recreational facilities, typically consisting of one or more meeting or multipurpose rooms, commercial kitchen, and adequate bathroom facilities, that are available for use by various private groups for activities such as meetings, parties, receptions, and dances. (Ord. 16-017 § 3, 2016)

17.57.020 Permitted uses.

Permitted principal uses and structures in the AG district are:

A. Single-family residential dwelling;

B. General farming of agricultural products, agricultural activities, including the raising or growing of crops, livestock, poultry, bees and other farm animals. Including one principal residential structure and one additional residential structure per farm for farm employee housing, and farm labor housing;

C. Horse and/or animal shows and arenas, petting farms, animal display, and stables;

D. Parks, greenbelts, and nature trails, playgrounds and equipment typical of public or school playgrounds, such as slides, swings, etc. (not including motorized vehicles or rides);

E. Grain, seed and feed stores;

F. Vegetable and fruit stands;

G. Farm equipment sales and repair;

H. Gardens and greenhouses, seasonal U-pick fruit and vegetable operations;

I. Home occupations;

J. Food sales and processing of any fruits/produce, bakeries selling baked goods containing produce grown primarily on site (e.g., minimum 25 percent);

K. Historical agricultural exhibits;

L. Gift shops for the sale of agricultural products and agriculturally related products;

M. Gift shops for the sale of non-agriculturally related products such as antiques or crafts (limited to 25 percent of gross sales);

N. Bed and breakfast establishments;

O. Travel trailers, campers and motor homes not used or occupied as living quarters. (Ord. 12-005 § 4, 2012)

17.57.030 Permitted accessory uses and structures.

Uses and structures customarily subordinate or incidental to the principal permitted use or structure. Buildings or structures subordinate and incidental to agricultural uses include, but are not limited to, stables, barns, paddock areas and storage areas. (Ord. 12-005 § 4, 2012)

17.57.040 Conditional uses.

Uses which may be permitted in the AG district by obtaining a conditional use permit are:

A. Residential planned unit development in accordance with Chapter 17.84 PMC;

B. Churches and related buildings, provided no part of any church building shall be located nearer than 30 feet from an adjoining lot or street line;

C. Utility substations;

D. Public and private schools;

E. Public buildings and structures;

F. Museums, historic and cultural exhibits;

G. Hospitals, cemeteries, mental health facilities, sanitariums, residential care facilities, special needs day care facilities, nursing homes, convalescent homes, and homes for the aged;

H. Commercial campgrounds;

I. Parking or storage of heavy equipment, tractors, graders or trucks, unrelated to agricultural activity, which are used for gain;

J. Child care facilities; provided, that no part of any building is located nearer than 30 feet from an adjoining lot or street line;

K. Wind generators or communication towers;

L. Direct marketing of produce, farm market, on-farm market or roadside stand if the sales are greater than 5,000 square feet in building area;

M. Restaurant operations related to the agricultural use on the site;

N. Natural resource extraction;

O. Small agricultural event center. (Ord. 16-017 § 4, 2016; Ord. 12-005 § 4, 2012)

17.57.050 Standards for a conditional use permit.

A. In addition to the requirements of Chapter 17.72 PMC, conditional uses shall be provided with access determined to be adequate by the Palmer planning and zoning commission.

B. On-site water and wastewater disposal systems will be allowed providing DEC approval is obtained. (Ord. 12-005 § 4, 2012)

17.57.060 Prohibited uses.

Prohibited uses and structures in the AG district are all uses and structures not specified as permitted outright or conditionally permitted. (Ord. 12-005 § 4, 2012)

17.57.070 Building height limit.

The maximum building height shall be 35 feet above grade except for buildings used for agricultural purposes such as barns and silos. (Ord. 12-005 § 4, 2012)

17.57.080 Minimum lot requirements.

A. Minimum lot width:

1. Lots five acres or larger, 300 feet;

2. Lots less than five acres, 60 feet.

B. Minimum lot area:

1. One acre.

C. Minimum setback requirements:

1. Front yard, 25 feet;

2. Side yard, 10 feet;

3. Rear yard, 25 feet.

D. Maximum lot coverage by all buildings shall not exceed 30 percent. (Ord. 12-005 § 4, 2012)

17.57.090 Parking.

A. Parking spaces shall meet the requirements of Chapter 17.64 PMC.

B. For uses permitted by right, parking facilities may be located on a grass or gravel area for seasonal uses. All parking areas shall be defined by either gravel, cut lawn, sand or other visible marking.

C. For uses permitted by conditional use permit, parking may be either gravel or paved as determined by the Palmer planning and zoning commission, based on applicant estimates for seasonal parking and the intensity of the use. Overflow parking areas may be required by the commission to accommodate seasonal peak demand. (Ord. 12-005 § 4, 2012)