Chapter 17.72


17.72.010    Intent.

17.72.020    Application and fee.

17.72.030    Site plan.

17.72.040    Public hearing.

17.72.050    Standards for a conditional use permit.

17.72.060    Conditions and requirements.

17.72.070    Commission action.

17.72.080    Appeal.

17.72.010 Intent.

It is recognized that there are certain uses which are generally considered appropriate in certain zoning districts, provided that controls and safeguards are applied to ensure their compatibility with permitted principal uses. These conditional uses are specified within this title. The conditional use permit procedure is intended to allow commission consideration of the impact of the proposed conditional use on surrounding property and the application of controls and safeguards to assure that the conditional use will be compatible with the surrounding area. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.72.020 Application and fee.

A. A request for a conditional use or modification of an existing conditional use may be initiated by a property owner or his authorized agent.

B. Application for a conditional use or modification shall be by a written request addressed to the commission and shall include:

1. The legal description of the property involved;

2. A statement of the proposed use;

3. A site plan conforming to PMC 17.72.030; and

4. A nonrefundable fee established in the current, adopted budget, payable to the city. (Ord. 07-029 § 31, 2007; Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.72.030 Site plan.

A detailed site plan showing the proposed location of all buildings and structures on the site, access points, drainage, vehicular and pedestrian circulation patterns, parking areas and the specific location of the use or uses to be made of the development shall be submitted with the application, together with other information as may be required to comply with the standards for a conditional use listed in this title and in other pertinent sections of this title. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.72.040 Public hearing.

The commission shall hold a public hearing within 60 days after the filing of the application. The zoning administrator shall give notice of hearing as specified in PMC 17.80.030. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.72.050 Standards for a conditional use permit.

In granting a conditional use permit, the commission must make the following findings:

A. That the conditional use will preserve the value, spirit, character and integrity of the surrounding area;

B. That the conditional use fulfills all other requirements of this title pertaining to the conditional use in question;

C. That granting the conditional use permit will not be harmful to the public health, safety, convenience and comfort;

D. That sufficient setbacks, lot area, buffers, or other safeguards are being provided to meet the conditions;

E. If the permit is for a public use or structure, the commission must find that the proposed use or structure is located in a manner which will maximize public benefits. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.72.060 Conditions and requirements.

In recommending the granting of a conditional use, the commission shall stipulate in writing requirements which it finds necessary to carry out the intent of this title. These stipulations may increase the required lot or yard size, control the location and number of vehicular access points to the property, require screening and landscaping where necessary to reduce noise and glare, and maintain the property in a character in keeping with the surrounding area, or impose other conditions and safeguards designed to ensure the compatibility of the conditional use with other uses in the district. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.72.070 Commission action.

A. The commission shall render a decision on the application for conditional use permit within 45 calendar days from the date of public hearing.

B. The zoning administrator shall incorporate any conditions and requirements stipulated by the commission in the conditional use permit. (Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)

17.72.080 Appeal.

The commission’s action may be appealed pursuant to Chapter 17.98 PMC by any party, including a city official. The right of appeal is forfeited unless a written appeal is delivered to the clerk within 20 calendar days of the commission’s decision. (Ord. 07-018 § 4, 2007; Ord. 615 § 3, 2004; Ord. 454 § 4, 1992)