Chapter 17.92


17.92.005    Applicability.

17.92.007    Intent.

17.92.010    Definitions.

17.92.020    Conditional use permit required.

17.92.030    Standards.

17.92.040    Application requirements.

17.92.050    Public hearing.

17.92.060    Action of the planning and zoning commission.

17.92.070    Certain mobile homes permitted.

17.92.080    Mobile homes outside mobile home parks permitted when.

17.92.090    Appeal.

17.92.005 Applicability.

New mobile/manufactured home parks are permitted only in the R-4, high density residential district. (Ord. 10-004 § 4, 2010)

17.92.007 Intent.

The intent of this chapter is to encourage high-quality residential characteristics in mobile/manufactured home park developments. (Ord. 10-004 § 4, 2010)

17.92.010 Definitions.

“Manufactured home” means a residential dwelling constructed almost entirely in a factory. The dwelling is placed on a steel chassis and transported to the building site; the wheels can be removed but the chassis remains in place. Local building codes do not apply to manufactured homes. The dwelling units are built in accordance with federal HUD regulations adopted June 15, 1976.

“Mobile home” means a detached single-family dwelling, constructed prior to June 15, 1976, and designed for long-term human habitation, having complete living facilities, capable of being transported to a location of use on its own chassis and wheels, identified by a model number and serial number by its manufacturer and designed primarily for placement on a nonpermanent foundation.

“Mobile/manufactured home park” means any parcel, tract or lot or portion thereof where space for two or more mobile/manufactured homes are leased, rented or held for rent for occupancy, but not including automobile or mobile home sales lots on which unoccupied mobile/manufactured homes are parked for inspection and sale or camper parks in which travel trailers are permitted for temporary occupancy of less than 30 days.

“Modular home” means a residential dwelling built in modules at a factory and transported to a home site on flat bed trucks. Modular homes are designed for placement on a permanent foundation, and conform to all state, local and regional codes where the home is to be located.

“Travel trailer” means a motor vehicle, recreational vehicle (RV) or portable vehicular structure capable of being towed on the highways by a motor vehicle designed or intended for casual or short-term human occupancy for travel, recreational or vacation uses; identified by a model number, serial number or vehicle registration number; equipped with limited water storage and other self-contained living facilities. (Ord. 10-004 § 4, 2010)

17.92.020 Conditional use permit required.

A. It is unlawful to operate or maintain a mobile/manufactured home park within the city limits unless a conditional use permit has been issued by the planning and zoning commission.

B. No person may proceed with construction work on the proposed property, including clearing, grading or excavation directly related to construction of a mobile/manufactured home park until commission approval of the mobile/manufactured home park has been obtained.

C. Existing mobile home parks containing two or more spaces may remain in their present location in conformance with the provisions of this title. When an existing mobile home park expands, that portion which is expanded shall conform to the requirements of this chapter. No person shall expand, modify, or renovate an existing lawfully permitted mobile home park until commission review and approval has been obtained. (Ord. 10-004 § 4, 2010)

17.92.030 Standards.

A. A mobile/manufactured home park shall have an area of not less than two acres or more than 10 acres. No mobile/manufactured home, parking space, office or service building shall be closer than 25 feet to any other property line.

B. Individual mobile/manufactured home sites shall have an area of not less than 6,000 square feet per single-wide unit and 6,500 square feet per double-wide unit. The total number of units per gross acre will not exceed five.

C. Planting of trees and shrubs or the preservation of existing trees or shrubs shall be required to the extent needed to provide a buffer to surrounding properties. Planted vegetation shall be of a sufficient density to provide a substantial visual barrier between the mobile/manufactured home park and adjacent properties.

D. A minimum separation of 30 feet between units, including any attached entrance, lean-to, or other extensions from the mobile/manufactured homes, shall be maintained.

E. A minimum of two parking spaces per mobile/manufactured home will be provided.

F. A fenced area for the storage of boats and other recreational vehicles may be required by the commission in parks with three or more spaces per acre.

G. Sufficient open space is required for a common area for residents, such as playground areas for resident children, with a minimum of 300 square feet per site.

H. Each boundary of the park must be at least 25 feet from any permanent residential building located outside the park unless separated by a barrier such as a right-of-way, or a fence or wall at least 36 inches high. (Ord. 10-004 § 4, 2010)

17.92.040 Application requirements.

A. Prior to submitting a formal application to the commission, the applicant shall confer with the zoning administrator or designee on the review process for the application.

B. An application for approval of a mobile home park shall be submitted to the commission and shall include a site plan containing the following information:

1. Legal description of the property with lot corners shown, dimensions and total area;

2. Name of mobile/manufactured home park and the name, address, and phone number of the developer;

3. Location and size of all mobile/manufactured home spaces;

4. Landscaping and buffering areas;

5. Proposed utility layouts including sewer, water, telephone, electricity, cable television and natural gas;

6. Parking areas for cars and recreational vehicles;

7. Locations and development of open space;

8. Vehicular circulation and traffic patterns;

9. Existing topography and soils information;

10. Scale, north arrow, date and general location map;

11. Improvements to be designed according to current city standards and requirements;

12. Grading plan;

13. Service building location(s);

14. Snow storage area; and

15. Traffic circulation plan to and through the park.

C. A written description of the proposed development and goal of the park.

D. Application filing fee as established in the current, adopted budget. (Ord. 10-004 § 4, 2010)

17.92.050 Public hearing.

The commission shall hold a public hearing within 60 days after the filing of the complete application. The zoning administrator shall give notice of the hearing as specified in PMC 17.80.030. (Ord. 10-004 § 4, 2010)

17.92.060 Action of the planning and zoning commission.

The commission shall review the mobile/manufactured home park plan and grant or deny the conditional use permit. The commission shall render its decision and findings in writing, and if its decision is to deny the application, it shall indicate what the applicant might do to make the application acceptable. (Ord. 10-004 § 4, 2010)

17.92.070 Certain mobile homes prohibited.

Mobile homes manufactured prior to June 15, 1976, may not be moved into the city limits after the date of adoption of the ordinance codified in this chapter. Existing mobile homes may remain in use, in their current location, until such time as the unit is no longer considered by the building department to be safe and habitable. (Ord. 10-004 § 4, 2010)

17.92.080 Mobile homes outside mobile home parks permitted when.

No mobile/manufactured home used for sleeping, living or business purposes shall be permitted to be occupied outside a permitted mobile/manufactured home park except:

A. In a mobile/manufactured home sales lot, one unit may be used as an office for mobile/manufactured home business only.

B. On a construction project, recreation site, or industrial property where the services of a watchman or caretaker are required, a mobile/manufactured home may be used for temporary living or work space, provided it is connected to the water and sewer system or an approved sanitary disposal system, provided such use is specifically approved by the commission.

C. Mobile/manufactured homes may be used in ordinary and usual ways in connection with circuses, fairs and similar occasions.

D. Existing mobile homes and travel trailers presently being legally used as business offices, commercial uses or living quarters may continue to be used as such provided they are connected to water and sewer or approved sanitary disposal systems. They shall not be replaced by another mobile home or travel trailer for any reason. (Ord. 10-004 § 4, 2010)

17.92.090 Appeal.

The commission’s action may be appealed pursuant to Chapter 17.98 PMC by any party, including a city official. The right of appeal is forfeited unless a written appeal is delivered to the clerk with 20 calendar days of the commission’s decision. (Ord. 10-004 § 4, 2010)