Chapter 18.22


18.22.010    Election officials’ affiliation.

18.22.020    Appointment.

18.22.030    Qualifications.

18.22.040    Training required.

18.22.050    Oath.

18.22.060    Failure to serve.

18.22.010 Election officials’ affiliation.

There shall be no inquiry into an election official’s political party as a prerequisite to service. (Ord. 12-009 § 9, 2012)

18.22.020 Appointment.

A. Early-Voting Election Officials. The clerk shall appoint the number of early-voting officials necessary to conduct voting at early-voting stations.

B. Precinct Election Officials. Before each election, the clerk shall recommend to the council at least three election officials for each precinct to constitute the election board for that precinct. The council shall, by resolution, appoint the election officials.

1. One election official shall be designated chair and shall be primarily responsible for administering the election in that precinct.

2. If no chair is appointed for the precinct or the chair is unable to fulfill the chair’s duties, the other election officials shall perform the chair’s duties.

3. The clerk may make necessary adjustments to the election boards as required to conduct a properly held election.

C. Review Board. When using ballot tabulation equipment to count the ballots, the clerk shall appoint a review board or use the same review board designated by the borough clerk. The review board shall consist of at least three members. The review board shall ensure that all ballots are programmed and counted accurately.

D. Canvass Board. The clerk shall appoint a canvass board consisting of a minimum of three members. The canvass board may tally all ballots and shall perform the duties as stated in PMC 18.35.100.

E. Counting Team. The clerk may appoint counting teams as necessary or use the same counting teams designated by the borough clerk. Each counting team shall consist of at least four members and shall count ballots as needed. (Ord. 12-009 § 9, 2012)

18.22.030 Qualifications.

A. Each election official shall be a registered and qualified voter of the precinct for which the election official is appointed, unless no voter is willing to serve.

B. A person who appears on the ballot as a candidate or a member of the candidate’s immediate family may not serve as election officials for an election in which the candidate has filed a nominating petition. If the clerk knows of or learns that any relationship exists, the election official shall be notified and replaced by the clerk. For the purposes of this chapter “immediate family” includes the following:

1. Mother, mother-in-law, stepmother;

2. Father, father-in-law, stepfather;

3. Sister, sister-in-law, stepsister;

4. Brother, brother-in-law, stepbrother;

5. Spouse;

6. Child or stepchild;

7. Person sharing the same living quarters. (Ord. 12-009 § 9, 2012)

18.22.040 Training required.

Unless excused by the clerk, all election officials shall attend training sessions offered by the clerk or borough clerk. (Ord. 12-009 § 9, 2012)

18.22.050 Oath.

The election official designated as chair in a precinct shall appear before the clerk and take the oath required of all public officers by the Alaska State Constitution, then shall administer the same oath to the other election officials. The city authorizes the borough clerk or deputy borough clerk to administer an oath of office on behalf of the city. (Ord. 12-009 § 9, 2012)

18.22.060 Failure to serve.

If any election official fails or refuses to attend and serve, the clerk shall appoint a person eligible under this section to serve in place of the absent election official. (Ord. 12-009 § 9, 2012)