Chapter 1.08


1.08.010    Codes of technical regulations.

1.08.020    Ordinances included in code.

1.08.030    Revision.

1.08.050    Time ordinances take effect.

1.08.070    Retrospective ordinances.

1.08.010 Codes of technical regulations.

Upon introduction of an ordinance adopting any standard published code of technical regulations, the assembly promptly shall cause at least five copies to be made available for public inspection and shall cause to be published, by means indicated in Charter Section 3.02, and together with the notice of hearing, a notice setting out the purpose of the ordinance and the time and place at which it is available for public inspection. No other publication is necessary before adoption, unless after the hearing the ordinance is amended as to its substance. If it is so amended, and also in the event of any later amendment before adoption, the amended sections shall be made available for inspection and notice published as earlier provided, and the ordinance as amended shall be subjected to hearing and to all other procedures as though newly introduced. Neither the ordinance nor any of its amendments need be distributed to the public or read in full at the hearings thereon. Publication after adoption shall be by notice declaring such adoption as published. The adopted code shall be sold to the public in such form and at such reasonable price as the assembly may direct. (B.C.S. § 1.16.030 (part).)

1.08.020 Ordinances included in code.

The assembly, with the advice and assistance of a legal advisor, shall cause each ordinance and resolution having the force and effect of law to be printed as promptly as possible following its adoption in the following manner:

A.    Ordinances enacted by the assembly of the city and borough general and permanent in nature shall be inserted in the Sitka General Code when properly prepared and authenticated by the municipal clerk and shall, when so inserted, be prima facie law;

B.    Emergency, bond and appropriation ordinances and resolutions shall not be included in the Sitka General Code but shall be retained in the form enacted.

(B.C.S. § 1.16.040.)

1.08.030 Revision.

A.    The administrator, with the advice and assistance of a legal advisor, shall cause the Sitka General Code to be revised and published at least every five years.

B.    The assembly, with the advice and assistance of a legal advisor, shall cause to be edited the ordinances for consolidation in the Sitka General Code without changing the meaning of any ordinance in the following manner:

1.    Renumber sections, parts of sections, articles, chapters and titles;

2.    Change the wording of section or subsection titles or delete subsection titles and change or provide new titles for articles, chapters and titles;

3.    Change capitalization for the purpose of uniformity;

4.    Substitute the proper calendar date for “effective date of this ordinance,” “date of passage of this ordinance” and other phrases of similar import;

5.    Substitute the proper designation for the terms “the preceding section,” “this ordinance” and like terms;

6.    Strike out figures if they are merely a repetition of written words or vice versa, or substitute figures for written words or vice versa for the purpose of uniformity;

7.    Correct manifest errors which are clerical, typographical or errors in spelling or errors by way of additions or omissions;

8.    Correct manifest errors in references to ordinances;

9.    Rearrange sections, combine sections or parts of sections with other sections or parts of sections, divide long sections into two or more sections, and rearrange the order of sections to conform to a logical arrangement of subject matter as may most generally be followed in the Sitka General Code;

10.    Change all sections, when possible, to read in the present tense, indicative mood, active voice, third person, and singular number or any other necessary grammatical change in the manner generally followed in the Sitka General Code;

11.    Delete or change sections or parts of sections if a deletion or change is necessary because of other amendments to the Sitka General Code which did not specifically amend or repeal them;

12.    Omit all temporary, emergency and bond ordinances, all titles to ordinances, all enacting and repealing clauses, all declarations of emergency, and all purpose, validity and construction clauses unless from their nature it may be necessary to retain some of them to preserve the full meaning and intent of this ordinance.

(B.C.S. § 1.16.050.)

1.08.050 Time ordinances take effect.

A.    An ordinance which by its terms is to take effect on a specified day, unless otherwise provided in the ordinance, takes effect at twelve noon on the day specified.

B.    An ordinance which by its terms is to take effect from and after a specified day takes effect at midnight of the day specified.

(B.C.S. § 1.16.100.)

1.08.070 Retrospective ordinances.

No ordinance is retrospective unless expressly declared therein. (B.C.S. § 1.16.120.)