Chapter 4.20


4.20.010    Fees set by administrator.

4.20.010 Fees set by administrator.

A.    The municipal administrator is empowered to set fees and charges for the use of municipal lands, property and services for which no regular fee has been otherwise set.

B.    If any person believes that such fee or charge set by the administrator is unfair or excessive, he may apply directly to the assembly to have such fee or charge determined.

    If such person applies to the assembly in writing within five days of the fee determination by the administrator, the fee need not be deposited with the municipality until the assembly determination; otherwise, the fee as set by the administrator must be paid as soon as the fee accrues and be subject to possible refund upon assembly determination.

C.    The administrator or his or her written designee shall set fees for ambulance services and other emergency medical services provided by the city and borough. Such fees shall be published and available at both the finance department and the fire department.

(Ord. 01-1601 § 4, 2001; Ord. 80-420 § 4, 1980.)