Chapter 2.16


2.16.040    Powers and duties of the mayor as chief administrative officer.

2.16.050    Custodial, supervisory, advisory duties.

2.16.070    Noninterference of council.

2.16.080    Acting chief administrative officer.

2.16.040 Powers and duties of the mayor as chief administrative officer.

The city mayor is the chief administrative officer and shall:

A. Appoint city employees and administrative officers, except as provided otherwise in this code and AS 14.14.065; he may hire necessary administrative assistants and may authorize an appointive administrative officer to appoint, suspend or remove subordinates in his department;

B. Suspend or remove by written order city employees and administrative officers, except as provided otherwise in this code and in AS 14.14.065;

C. Supervise enforcement of city law;

D. Prepare the annual budget and capital improvement program for the council;

E. Execute the budget and capital program as adopted;

F. Make monthly financial reports to the council on city finances and operations;

G. Report to the council at the end of each fiscal year on the finances and administrative activities of the city;

H. Prepare and make available for public distribution an annual report on city affairs;

I. Serve as city personnel officer unless the council authorizes him to appoint a personnel officer;

J. Execute other powers and duties specified in AS 29 or lawfully prescribed by the council. (Ord. 88-7 §3(part): Ord. 88-2 §3(part): Ord. 83-13 §3(part): prior code §2.10.040)

2.16.050 Custodial, supervisory, advisory duties.

The mayor shall do the following:

A. Direct the care and custody of all municipal property;

B. Direct and supervise the construction, maintenance and operation of municipal public works;

C. Make such recommendations to the council as he may deem expedient or necessary;

D. The mayor, subject to council approval, may assign additional functions or duties to offices, departments or agencies established by ordinance and may likewise transfer functions or duties from one such office, department or agency to another. The work of departments may be distributed among such divisions thereof as may be established by the mayor. (Ord. 88-7 §3(part): Ord. 88-2 §3(part): Ord. 83-13 §3(part): prior code §2.10.050)

2.16.070 Noninterference of council.

Except for purposes of inquiry, the council and its members or other official of the city shall deal with the administrative service solely through the mayor, and neither the council nor any member thereof nor any city official shall give orders to any subordinate of the mayor, either publicly or privately. Neither the city council nor any of its members shall dictate the appointment of any person to office or employment by the mayor, except as permitted by state law or the ordinances of this city, or in any manner interfere with the mayor or prevent him from exercising his own judgment in the selection of officers and employees in the administrative service. (Ord. 88-7 §3(part): Ord. 88-2 §3(part): Ord. 83-13 §3(part): prior code §2.10.070)

2.16.080 Acting chief administrative officer.

In the event of a temporary absence or disability of the mayor for up to ten working days, the mayor shall appoint either the special assistant to the mayor, finance director, city attorney, city clerk or a department director as the acting chief administrative officer during the absence of the mayor. When the mayor is absent or disabled for more than ten working days, the city council shall appoint an acting chief administrative officer who shall have the full authority to act as chief administrative officer. (Ord. 92-12 §4: Ord. 88-11 §3: Ord. 88-7 §3(part): Ord. 88-2 §3(part): Ord. 85-1 §3; Ord. 82-11 §3: prior code §2.50.010)