Chapter 2.29


2.29.010    Established. Revised 7/18

2.29.020    Meetings, procedures and officers. Revised 7/18

2.29.030    Powers and duties. Revised 7/18

2.29.010 Established. Revised 7/18

A. The Utqiaġvik cultural center commission is established as a board pursuant to Section 2.20.060.

B. The commission shall be composed of eleven voting and two nonvoting members. Each of the following community groups interested in the establishment and operation of the Utqiaġvik cultural center shall, in the manner prescribed by its own rules, bylaws or ordinances, appoint one representative to serve as a regular voting member of the commission in the absence of the group’s regular representative:

1. City of Utqiaġvik;

2. North Slope Borough;

3. Arctic Slope Regional Corporation;

4. Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation;

5. Arctic Slope Native Association;

6. Native Village of Utqiaġvik;

7. Utqiaġvik elders council;

8. Utqiaġvik high school student council;

9. North Slope Borough School District;

10. Ilisagvik College;

11. Inupiat history and language commission.

C. The mayor of the city and the mayor of the North Slope Borough, or their designees, shall serve ex officio as nonvoting members of the commission.

D. Each regular and alternate voting member of the commission shall serve at the pleasure of the group appointing that member. The regular and alternate voting members representing the city shall be appointed by the city council for a three-year term; provided, however, that the council may at any time remove the member or alternate if it finds that such action is in the best interest of the city. (Ord. 02-2017 §2(part); Ord. 95-07 §4: Ord. 89-20 §3(part))

2.29.020 Meetings, procedures and officers. Revised 7/18

A. The commission shall determine the time and place of its regular meeting. Special meetings of the commission may be called by the chairman or by any three voting or nonvoting members. All commission meetings shall be open to the public, but the commission may conduct discussions in executive session under the same circumstances and in the same manner as provided for the city council in Section 2.12.030.

B. The initial organizational meeting of the commission shall be called by the mayor of the city, or his designee, who shall act as chairman and designate a member to serve as secretary until the commission has elected its officers.

C. At its initial organizational meeting, and at its first regular meeting on or after November 1st of each year, the commission shall elect from among its voting members a chairman, vice chairman and secretary.

D. 1. The chairman shall preside at commission meetings. In the absence of the chairman and the vice chairman, any member may be designated by the voting members present to preside at a commission meeting.

2. The vice chairman shall perform the duties of the chairman in the chairman’s absence.

3. The secretary shall prepare and distribute to the members and the public notice of regular and special meetings, meeting agendas, minutes of all regular and special meetings and other documents and papers as directed by the chairman or the commission. Public notice of meetings shall be given by posting in at least three public places in the city and, when considered appropriate by the secretary or when the commission so directs, by insertion of notices or advertisements in local newspaper, radio and/or television.

4. The commission may designate additional officers and assign duties to such officers as it deems appropriate.

E. Five voting members shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business at any regular or special commission meeting.

F. Privileged motions, including motions to adjourn, to recess, and to fix the time at which to adjourn, may be adopted by a majority of the voting members present at any meeting. All other commission actions shall require the approval of the majority of the voting members present at the meeting; provided, however, that no such action shall be approved which does not receive at least five affirmative votes.

G. Except as otherwise specified by state statute or city ordinance, all meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order. The commission may, when no member objects, proceed informally in dealing with noncontroversial matters.

H. The city clerk shall publish notice of the date, time and place of cultural center commission meetings at least five days prior to a meeting. (Ord. 15-2017 §11; Ord. 89-20 §3(part), 1989)

2.29.030 Powers and duties. Revised 7/18

The commission shall:

A. Investigate, develop and recommend to the council plans, programs and budgets for development of the Utqiaġvik cultural center. The commission’s recommendations to the council shall include consideration of the site, physical layout, development schedule, design and preliminary construction budget, and of the programs, activities, and staffing of the center;

B. Make recommendations to the city council on expenditures of funds for development and operation of the center;

C. Develop policies and regulations for adoption by the council governing the use and operations of the center;

D. Make recommendations to the council regarding the hiring of staff for the center and other personnel matters related to the cultural center program;

E. Develop and promote programs and activities in the center, in the schools and in the community to promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of, and pride in, the cultural heritage, traditional ways and language of the Inupiat people of Alaska;

F. Prepare and present to each of the organizations listed in Section 2.29.010(B), during April of each year, an annual report describing the activities of the commission during the preceding year and the activities planned by the commission for the following year. (Ord. 02-2017 §2(part); Ord. 89-20 §3(part), 1989)