Chapter 7.40


7.40.010    Purpose of the voucher program. Revised 7/18

7.40.020    Establishment of the voucher program. Revised 7/18

7.40.030    Voluntary participation.

7.40.010 Purpose of the voucher program. Revised 7/18

The city council hereby finds that a taxicab voucher program for use by government and nonprofit organizations to assist the citizens of Utqiaġvik in obtaining services provided by them is in the public interest. The voucher program will allow for the efficient and cost effective provision of such services to the public and will thereby help ensure that the public obtains such services. (Ord. 02-2017 §2(part); Ord. 04-2012 §7(part))

7.40.020 Establishment of the voucher program. Revised 7/18

A. Any federal, state or local government agency or nonprofit organization (hereinafter “voucher providers”) may offer vouchers which can be redeemed by permittees (taxicab company) for the equivalent of a one-way fare within the city of Utqiaġvik cab service area. Vouchers shall be issued by voucher providers in accordance with regulations adopted by the commission under Section 7.04.040.

B. In addition to any other requirements provided for by the commission, the voucher program regulations shall provide that vouchers include the following information:

1. Name of the voucher provider issuing the voucher;

2. The words “CAB VOUCHER” or “TAXICAB VOUCHER” in bold print at the top of the voucher;

3. Name of the permittee (taxicab company) to whom the voucher is provided;

4. Date of issuance of the voucher;

5. Fares to be paid by the voucher provider in accordance with the fares provided for by regulation of the commission under Section 7.04.050;

6. Name of passengers;

7. Pickup location and drop-off location;

8. Name of cab driver.

C. Voucher providers shall reimburse permittees directly for vouchers. (Ord. 02-2017 §2(part); Ord. 04-2012 §7(part))

7.40.030 Voluntary participation.

Any permittee operating under a valid permit issued by the commission may participate in a voucher program but is not required to do so. If a permittee chooses not to participate in a voucher program, the permittee shall notify the commission and the applicable voucher provider. The permittee shall require that his or her chauffeurs notify any passenger who requests a voucher from that particular voucher provider that the permittee is not participating in that voucher program. (Ord. 04-2012 §7(part))