Chapter 8.16


8.16.010    Animal on public property or private property of another.

8.16.020    Violation – Penalty.

8.16.010 Animal on public property or private property of another.

No owner of a domesticated animal, including dogs and cats, shall fail to remove feces deposited by the animal on public property, including recreation areas, or private property of another. This section shall not apply to owners of sled dogs when the act prohibited in this section occurs while dog mushing. (Ord. 2001-07 §2: Ord. 2001-03 §2 (part))

8.16.020 Violation – Penalty.

Violation of this chapter is an infraction and upon conviction thereof is punishable by a fine of up to three hundred dollars as set forth in the following schedule:

First offense:


Second offense:


Third offense:


Each subsequent offense:


Each act of violation and each day a violation exists shall constitute a separate violation for purposes of this penalty. The city may seek injunctive relief, notwithstanding the availability of any other remedy, to ensure compliance with this chapter. (Ord. 2001-03 §2 (part))