Chapter 4.10


4.10.010    Acquisition and ownership—Authority.

4.10.020    Eminent domain.

4.10.030    Adverse possession.

4.10.010 Acquisition and ownership—Authority.

A.    The city may acquire, own and hold real property within or outside the city boundaries by purchase, gift, devise, grant, dedication, exchange, redemption, purchase of equity of redemption, operation of law, tax or lien foreclosure, adverse possession, condemnation or declaration of taking, annexation, or by any other lawful means or conveyances.

B.    Except as set forth in subsection C of this section, all acquisitions of any interest in real property shall be approved by resolution of the city council. The resolution shall set forth the terms, conditions and manner of acquisition. Unless otherwise provided by the city council, the city manager is authorized to obtain title insurance, to execute any instruments and to take all steps necessary to complete and close the purchase and acquisition of the real property.

C.    City council approval is not required to acquire any easement, permit, license, or other interest in real property dedicated to the public’s use through the platting action.

D.    A Phase 1 environmental survey shall be conducted if the property is located within any industrial zoning district or as required by resolution of the city council.

E.    No purchase of any parcel of real property whose assessed value for purposes of real property taxation is greater than forty thousand dollars shall be made until:

1.    A qualified appraiser has appraised the property and given the council an independent opinion as to the full and true value thereof;

2.    When improvements are a term of the transaction, a qualified architect or engineer has given the city council an estimate of probable construction cost. (Ord. 19-07 § 1 (part))

4.10.020 Eminent domain.

The city may, only within its boundaries, exercise the powers of eminent domain and declaration of taking in the performance of an authorized power or function of the municipality, in accordance with AS 09.55.240 through 09.55.460 and other applicable law. (Ord. 19-07 § 1 (part))

4.10.030 Adverse possession.

The city cannot be divested of title to real property by adverse possession. (Ord. 19-07 § 1 (part))