Chapter 5.18


5.18.010    License required.

5.18.010 License required.

A.    No person may engage in the business of providing or otherwise provide as a service to the public, massages or related services as (an owner, operator, employee or contractor, or) a massage therapist without first obtaining a massage therapist license issued by the state of Alaska under AS 08.61.070.

B.    No person shall advertise, use the title or otherwise represent himself or herself as a massage therapist, masseuse, masseur or massage practitioner unless such person is licensed to provide massage or massage-related services under AS 08.61.070.

C.    A person practicing massage therapy within the city shall comply with all pertinent statutes and regulations of the state.

D.    No person may engage in any type of massage business in the city without having first registered with the city as set forth in Section 5.04.010. (Ord. 15-04 § 1: Ord. 09-02 § 1 (part): Ord. 98-01 § 1 (part))